Next Generation of Healthcare: Fawema Enterprises Cuts Documentation Time by 87%

By keith bateman on January 9, 2017


  • Industry: Healthcare
  • HQ Location: Beltsville, Maryland
  • Website: Visit Here

Quick Facts

  • Saved over 20,000+ productivity hours
  • Decreased documentation time by 87.5%
  • Seeing $149,145 annual Return on Investment

Problems with Paper Assessments

In order to start the transition from paper to mobile, Susan Konneh and Nicole Clemons of Fawema Enterprises worked with GoCanvas Senior Consultants to identify the parts in their daily process that were costing them the most time and efficiency.

Like many organizations in the healthcare space, Fawema’s nurses and management staff were drowning in paperwork. Not only were the forms long and tedious, but they often were turned in illegible or missing key pieces of information. This caused daily stress for people like Susan, the president of Fawena Enterprises, because of constant state-regulated inspections. It was taking on average 2 hours for nurses to complete their daily paperwork, and then additional hours for Nicole (Medical Records Technician) to review each report for mistakes before entering them into their database. They quickly realized that paper was the root cause of their stress.

Faster, HIPAA Compliant Reporting

The process of making the switch from paper began with converting Fawema’s nursing assessments into a single mobile application. This immediately cut down on the amount of paperwork floating around. It also assisted in focusing the nursing staff on capturing the information that was critical for Maryland state reporting and dramatically cut down on the amount of quality assurance time spent reviewing reports in the office.

“GoCanvas has forced our staff to do our assessments the right way”

Susan and her team took advantage of the HIPAA compliance settings in which GoCanvas adds an even greater level of security to medical records. They also enabled field requirements so that nurses no longer forget to fill out key pieces of information on their mobile assessments, Susan stated that “GoCanvas has forced our staff to do our assessments the right way”. These features, along with the user-friendly interface, has saved the back office 100’s of hours a month in data re-entry and quality assurance.

Results Start Rolling In

Since Fawema rolled out GoCanvas to their nurses more than 2 years ago, they have experienced massive changes in the way they collect and store data on a daily basis. Prior to using GoCanvas, their nurses took up to 2 hours completing a combination of paper and web form documentation. Since implementing GoCanvas they have reduced this to just 30 minutes. Susan attributes this major reduction in time spent filling out reports on the “ease in which the app breaks the form into pieces”.

Go Paperless with GoCanvas Mobile Forms Susan and the back office love it because they can now be anywhere and review reports in real-time. Susan commented that “the management group can be anywhere and we can read the reports and be able to tell the staff there are issues before the end of the day”. This ability to get the data back fast with virtually no mistakes has led to the over 20,000 hours productivity hours saved across their nurses and office staff since implementing GoCanvas.

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