New Release: Usability Improvements

By Jason Good on October 15, 2018
Tags: GoCanvas Product News, GoCanvas Release Notes

This past weekend we released what may seem like minor changes, but they are part of an overall effort to make GoCanvas easier to use.  Users that are new to our platform can struggle with some elements of it.  So we are embarking on a journey to make it simpler and easier.  This should help everyone, however.  A rising tide lifts all boats!

App Builder

Dropdown Field

We have changed the way you add choices to this field by offering some guidance around how you want to add your choices.

Screen Name

You can now edit the Screen Name in the Screen Settings area on the left hand side.  We wanted to make this consistent with how Field Labels are created.  You can still name your screen on the screen itself.

Also, if you choose to NOT show the screen then the screen name will NOT appear on the screen itself so you can see exactly how it will appear to your mobile users.  The Screen Name will still display on the right side in your App Outline.

Web Link Field

Again, to show you in the App Builder what a Web Link field will look like for the mobile user we changed this field to reflect that. If you choose to display a Web Link field as a Link then you’ll see a link on the screen itself.

Calculation & Summary Fields

We made a really nice change here to save you some time.


– If “Currency” is a style you have picked in one of your fields then the value of the Calculation will display as a Currency style so you don’t have to remember to set that yourself.

– We will also change your decimal default based on the individual decimal place settings you have for the fields within your calculation.


– We will change the style automatically based on the field you are summarizing.  Woo hoo!  This was a personal mission for me, so I’m glad to get it set up.

– It will also adjust the decimal places to match the field you are summarizing.

Time Field

We have made AM/PM be the default style for these fields. Almost everyone uses this style instead of the 24 hour style so we changed it to match how almost everyone is using it.

Reference Data & Images

We didn’t make really big changes here.  But some of the buttons have changed to reflect what you are actually doing. When adding new data you will push the “Upload Data” button.  When editing an existing file you will push a “Re-Upload Data” button.


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