New Mobile Trend Emerging In The Safety Industry – Mobile Apps From GoCanvas Partner Go Global

By Michael Benedict on January 20, 2012

A new trend is emerging in the Safety industry globally with the increase in demand and use of mobile apps in order to carry out routine safety checks, reports and audits in the workplace.

Two firms at the face of this are Irish safety specialist, Safety-Link Consulting and GoCanvas Solutions. Both companies came together last autumn to develop new safety apps that can be downloaded from the Safety Link Consulting Application Store. 

Three months after launching, safety specialists in Europe, North and South America, Australia and New Zealand have downloaded and used these apps. Interest is also growing in other parts of the world.

iPads and Safety Link with Canvas

“More and more companies and organizations are opting to replace costly paper forms for safety checks and take advantage of smartphone as well as tablet technology and embrace the use of apps in the workplace,” said Martin Denny, managing director, Safety Link Consulting.

“There has been a huge move towards apps by consumers worldwide and what we are seeing in business is more and more safety consultants and senior level managers signing up for our new safety apps.

They are realizing how cost effective they are, how easy they are to use and importantly how less labor and admin intensive they are compared to carrying out safety checks, audits and reports on paper,” he added.

“Safety-Link Consulting has done a great service to the safety community by providing these apps,” said Michael Benedict, vice Risk Assessment Mobile Apps with Canvaspresident, Application Store, GoCanvas. “Now safety consultants and line managers can complete inspections and assessments right on their smartphone or tablet, add images and access any previous inspections right from their device – in the field.  It makes their job easier and far more efficient.”

Since the launch of Safety-Link’s Application Store three months ago,  diverse sectors such as farming, construction, road and water transport, logistics, manufacturing, safety services, wind farming, oil exploration, disability services, communications, city services and other public services have downloaded their apps.

The safety apps are set up in a way that they ask all the right questions and are fully editable so you are not stuck with a locked format.  With the added benefit of adding images and GPS, the form can be signed off with a digital signature. Once an inspection is completed a PDF is automatically generated that can be emailed to the client.

To date, over 40 safety apps are available at the Safety Link Consulting Application Store and users can watch videos of the apps prior to downloading them.