New Feature: Paw Activated Photo and Barcode Scanner*

By katie simpson on April 1, 2014

There’s a new collector in town, keep your guard up! Under the soft fur is a mean set of claws! Photo credit: Marie Bee

Now dogs, cats, rodents, and raccoons can help your business collect more information! Use the pets you already have to grow your business.**

Our new function allows animals with paws to click and capture photos, location with GPS, and barcode scans easily on smartphones or tablets. Perfect for

  • Inspections
  • Inventory (non-food items only)
  • Delivery Confirmation

“The economy is getting stronger” Jim Quigley, CEO of GoCanvas stated, “but in 2014, we found that customers were asking for new ways to use GoCanvas without adding employees to their companies. Our testers have found time savings up to 25 percent!

Animals at work isn’t a new phenomenon. A recent study found dogs in the workplace reduce stress and absenteeism while also increasing productivity of humans. Major companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Ben & Jerry’s all allow dogs at work every day. The new GoCanvas feature allows various animals now in offices to become true members of the team.

See some of our new users below:

Helo, is busy capturing his location on a tablet. Photo credit: Katelyn T.

Baxter is an eager field worker, happy to help collect information for the team. Photo credit: -=RoBeE=- via photopin cc  

Billy, a domesticated racoon, prefers using the Samsung Galax Tab for his environmental surveys. Photo credit: Darkone, cc 2.5

Loki, a beta tester from sunny California, is learning to do photo capture. Photo credit: Stevie B

Henry, a domesticated tiger,  uses GoCanvas on a tablet as rugged as he is! Photo credit: Tambako the Jaguar via photopin cc 


As part of our launch, we’re giving away one $50 giftcard to Petsmart! To enter, follow and  tweet @GoCanvas one way you could use animals at work. Include #AnimalsforCanvas to enter.

Not on Twitter? Like our Facebook page and post one way you could use animals at work, including #AnimalsforCanvas.

*Disclaimer: This service may or may not actually be available.

**Disclaimer: Wild animals may be dangerous around both smartphones and tablets, be sure to have scratch proof screens, and don’t let a tiger near your smartphone. Unless you want it eaten and then pay a very expensive vet bill.

Hurry and send your tweet! This contest is for today only! Photo credit: Marie Bee