Never Lose a Delivery Receipt Again: Custom App for iPhone, Android, Windows, or Blackberry

By katie simpson on July 31, 2014

Getting the package there is just half the battle.Photo credit: Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious via photopin cc

If you work in delivery or transportation of goods you may have dealt with stories like this: You drop off a product for a customer. Two days later, the customer calls agitated, that their package hasn’t arrived.

You find the employee who did the delivery. She remembers getting a delivery receipt…but no one in the office can find it. Without the receipt, you are left liable. You could have just lost a customer, or had to do costly refund.

Delivery receipts are a necessary, but can often create problems like this for your business. But these problems aren’t because of any process or lazy employee: it’s because of paper delivery receipts. Switching to a custom delivery receipt app for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, or Blackberry will save you time, and protect your business.

Never lose another delivery receipt

Delivering packages take your employees anywhere but your office. In the end? That means hours or days until delivery receipts return back to your office. More than an information lag, it puts your paper forms at risk. At risk from coffee, food stains, or just getting lost in an employee’s car.

This danger is more common than you think: PWC estimates that 11% of documents are misfiled or lost. That means 11% of your deliveries without any receipts, and 11% of your work at risk.

Going mobile will reduce your risk of liability: All your delivery receipts captured go straight to the cloud. Whether you use iPhone, Android, Windows or Blackberry, you can access this information in real time. Your information will be protected from coffee and wild grease stains.

Get more accurate information

With a carbon copy, or a paper receipt, it’s easy to get bad information. Illegible handwriting can make it hard to know where the delivery was, let alone the name of the recipient. Going mobile allows you to have clear and easy to read text instead.

Even the future king of the animals can’t figure this out. 

Lots of receipts also come back not fully filled out. These leave large gaps in your understanding, and can leave gaping holes, opening you to liability issues. With a mobile app, you can make fields required in your delivery receipt. Even if an employee forgets to fill out, they won’t be able to submit the receipt until they finish those fields. This way, you’ll get complete information, always.

In addition, how do you know that the delivery really happened at the right place or time? There’s no way to double check a paper form. With a mobile delivery receipt, you can also have a GPS capture of the location. With one click you get easy to understand information, and confirmation that they were in the right place.

Delivery receipts on iPhone, Android, Windows or Blackberry don’t just come back faster, they come back more accurate, and fuller each and every time. At GoCanvas, you can customize your delivery receipt to collect the information your business needs each and every time. 

Better customer service

Delivery receipts connected to customer service? They can be. Many of the problems that happen with paper delivery receipts affect your customer service. Such as:

  • Customers are unable to read their copy of a receipt, call and ask for a new copy
  • You receive a call that a package that was supposed to arrive three days ago hasn’t shown up
  • The package was given to a non-authorized person

Going with a mobile app improves the customer experience. Every delivery receipt captured on a mobile app can be sent to customers in an email as a customized and branded PDF. Not only will this make it easier for your customers: it differentiates you from the crumbled carbon copy competition.

The PDF experience also prevents customer confusion from the beginning. The answers can be found on the form, not from hours on the phone. A mobile app makes it easier for your customers, and your employees working on customer service.

Stronger bottom line

Going mobile for your delivery receipt not only makes the process easier: it’s also cheaper in the long run. How? Instead of waiting hours a week for forms to return to the office, you receive the delivery receipts in real time.

With all the forms immediately available in the cloud, employees don’t spend time or energy on data entry or filing these forms. They won’t spend hours looking for missing or misfiled forms.

With easier access to information, you’ll also spend less time and energy on customer questions or concerns. It’s a quick search to resend emails to customers if they need the information.

Altogether, this means less time working out kinks, and more time perfecting your work. Whether you’re more comfortable on smartphones or tablets, the iPhone or Windows, you can have a delivery receipt that performs for the 21st century. Instead, your business can be focused on getting products to customers as soon as possible, and growing your business even further. 

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