National Safety Month: Why Was 2014 the Deadliest Year for the U.S. Workforce? [Webinar]

By keith bateman on June 13, 2016

What Went Wrong?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS), an organization under the Department of Labor, has released startling numbers that show an increased rate in workplace fatalities. This is concerning not just because people are dying routinely on the job, but more so because the fatality rate increase was the first since 2010. The cumulative number of deaths in 2014, 4,821 in total, was the highest in the last 7 years.

These numbers are just the latest available as of April 2016, and concerning in that every one of the fatalities was 100% avoidable and preventable. What may be more worrisome is that the BLS has not even released the 2015 numbers yet(why I am not sure), so this number could just be the tip of a very deadly iceberg. 

The Deadly Facts

A majority of the fatalities in 2014 were men (94%) in their middle ages (45-64), who worked in the construction or manufacturing industry (26%). This helps add evidence to the hypothesis that construction and manufacturing companies, big and small, still operate with outdated data collection and reporting processes like paper. Many of these companies still operate with manual pen and paper based processes because of concerns with deploying mobile technology to an aging workforce. But the fact is that many new mobile technology platforms, including GoCanvas, are extremely user-friendly no matter the industry.

A survey done in 2015 by the Pew Research Center found that 58% of people age 50-64 own a smartphone, and 37% own a tablet. This would point to the growing trend of technology adoption among older adults, not just millennials. This should put even more companies at ease with deploying and testing mobile based solutions with their field users!

Reversing the Curve

It is the duty of every employer to ensure that his/her employees can do their job, as safely as possible, without the concern that he/she may lose their life by going to work that day. This can be done by consistently evaluating every process of the business including creating procedures for accurately documenting and reporting accidents on the job site, creating a proper chain of command so that information gets sent to the right people every time, and putting into place real-time corrective actions to prevent further accidents that can lead to injury or death. Mobile technology platforms like GoCanvas makes this all possible with tools that allow for up-to-the-minute reporting and communication from the worksite to the office(and vice-versa).

In our online training session, “How to Improve Safety Compliance with Mobile Tech”, we will discuss how mobile technology is helping to buck the trend that we saw in 2014. Click below to watch the online webinar!

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