National Retail Services, Inc Using Custom GoCanvas Merchandising App on iPad, Blackberry, and Andro

By Jason Good on October 22, 2012

National Retail Services

National Retail Services, Inc is a full service sales and retail merchandising company offering a wide variety of services including resets, new store setup, surveys, market analysis, fulfillment, design, printing and more.  They have over 40 years of retail experience serving large home improvement retailers and clothing retailers.  For years they had used paper forms to document the work they were performing for their customers.  Now that GoCanvas is a part of their lives, they are able to create their call reports on iPads, Blackberrys and Android devices allowing them to insert photos directly into their reports and email them right away back to their office.  They don’t have to capture photos, go back to the office, retrieve their photos from their camera or email account, save them onto their hard drive, type up a report and then insert the photos into the report anymore (Phew!).  They enter their notes into their custom GoCanvas App, insert their photos, and email it off.  Done and done!

Next time you are strolling the aisles at your favorite store and see a new display promoting a product, you might be looking at the work of National Retail Services, Inc (NRS), a North Carolina-based business that we are proud to now have as a GoCanvas subscriber.  They offer “soup to nuts” services for merchandising products in large national chain stores.  You have almost definitely seen their work if you have visited some of the large “big box” stores here in the US!

Part of their service is full reporting and documentation of their installations.  These displays also need to be maintained and their clients have hired NRS to ensure that consumers are attracted to the display and can gain a full understanding of the product from that display.  The display has to be set up properly at all times.  And their customers want proof that their product is being displayed properly and the scope of work has been met.

NRS has representatives in all 50 states.  These reps have all different kinds of mobile devices.  NRS did not want to take on the expense of having a custom mobile application built for multiple mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry).  Maintaining this would have been a nightmare for them and taken them away from their core business.  So this is where GoCanvas enters the picture (Pun fully intended!)!

NRS designed and built a custom GoCanvas App using our powerful App Builder tool.  They created all of the fields used on their paper reports but were able to enhance their forms significantly by using drop-down (value list or pick list) menus, required fields (It is easy to skip over fields on paper forms!), and picturesSignatures are captured as well and the data is all compiled into a PDF document that is emailed back to the office.  Voila!

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