Movie Mondays: Mobile Apps, Jedis for Business

By katie simpson on January 13, 2014

Star Wars captured the world’s imagination, and continues to today. Within this universe, Jedis control powers beyond most human or alien control. Levitation and mind tricks are just some of the ways that harness the force. Mobile apps may not be have light sabers, but when used wisely, harness more force than ever before.


Harness What You Have

In Return of the Jedi, Luke Skywalker was in a pit with a monster and prevailed. The beast was bigger and stronger, so how did Luke win? His jedi training kept him cool under pressure. He understood that his environment was a resource. So he used rocks and bones as weapons. Eventually he shuts a gate on the beast killing him.

Never underestimate a Jedi, even on Tatooine (source)

If you’re a small business, capturing data can leave you feeling like you're in the pit with a giant beast. There is so much information, and you have no idea how to tackle this beast. But you have resources at your disposal: the data you already have. From clients’ information to product inventory, much of what you need is already there. Mobile apps will unlock the information you have, to make you even better under pressure.


There is No Try

Of all places to train, a swamp is the last place I’d want to go. Still, Skywalker goes to Yoda’s home on Dagobah for training. There, we get to hear all sorts of delightful sayings including Yoda’s most famous.

“Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.”

We knew he was wise, but did you know he had wisdom for your business?

Yoda makes a wise point that extends beyond jedis. You either do the job or don’t. Either way, you don’t settle for a half-hearted attempt. When working with mobile apps there isn’t an in between. They either work, or they don’t. The best part is you can check immediately to see if they work in the cloud. Great mobile apps, like jedi masters, work and work for you every time.


Master Fear

The difference between Yoda and Emperor Palpatine is more than the color of their skin. One uses the good side of the force, the other is deep on the dark side. The crucial difference between the two is not hate, but fear.  Once you let fear take control, you let in anger, hate, suffering and ultimately the dark side. 

To master fear, you need to understand it. So, where does fear come from? It comes from a perceived threat (source).  Fear grows where you don’t have access to information, or where your access is warped. In order to control your emotions, you need to be able to look at the situation directly in the face.

As a business, it’s natural to have many fears. Whether you worry about your competition, rising prices, a volatile market, there are a myriad of factors beyond your control. Nevertheless, you can control what you know. You can decide to understand your day-day operations to the best of your ability. Mobile apps give you the ability to have the best information possible.

You may not have Yoda’s emotional mastery, but mobile apps can help you look your fears in the face. You can understand your real threats and what doesn’t add up. You’ll have data to back you up, and help you sleep at night.


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