Movie Mondays: Her and 3 Secrets Revealed for Digital Data Collection

By katie simpson on February 10, 2014

Her, the new movie by Spike Jonze, tells a love story between a man, Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix), and his artifically intelligent operating system, Sam (Scarlett Johansson). This movie beautifully asks fundamental questions about life, reality, and love. Yet, you don’t have to be a deep thinker to find interesting take aways from this movie. In fact, Sam reveals important ways businesses can collect data not only tomorrow but also today.

1. Tailored to You

Before meeting Sam, Theodore is asked a few questions. Within a few minutes, the system synthesizes, and creates an OS  suited for him. In the scene, Theodore bumbles. He awkwardly answers questions about his social interaction, and is almost silent about his relationship with his mother. Beyond the comedy, Her acknowledges that everyone is slightly different. A party animal and book worm will need different things from an OS.

Tailored digital products are not only the future, but also available today (© Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc, source)

Businesses, as human organizations, also need a customized approach. Every organization is  different, and will need to collect and organize information in its own way. One size, even for small HVAC companies, doesn’t fit all.

Luckily, tailoring in digital data collection can be done in a variety of ways. Mobile apps can be built from scratch. Without any coding experience you can create apps with photo and gps capture, use of reference data, and calculations. Choose what order the user will fill out the information, and screen breaks.

Don’t have time for all that work? Start with a template from the application store. At GoCanvas, we have over 13,000 apps for you. Start collecting data digitally right away, or edit the app for the perfect fit. This process allows for control, while also saving you time.

2. Time is Precious

Amy (Amy Adams), emphasizes the idea of time in the movie. “We’re only here briefly” she says, “I want to allow myself joy”. In a less drastic light, businesses also feel the crunch of time. There are only so many hours in a day and in a week. Even when you work long hours, studies show that productivity goes down, not up. If working more actually hurts us, how is a business supposed to get ahead?

Rather than do more, the trick is to find ways to do less. Technology allows us to automate our work, so we can focus on tasks that require creativity and decision making. Mobile apps allows businesses to automate data collection. What once could take hours to get back to the office is now immediately available in the cloud. While a paper could get lost in a bad filing system, all of your submissions are easy to find in the cloud. Digital data collection removes the need for data entry, and hours spent filing or maintaing paper forms.

Moving to digital data collection frees your business time away from tedious paperwork. Spend hours not on data entry, but on the aspects of your job that give you joy. Get the real work done, so you can enjoy your business, not feel weighed down by it.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

As Sam experiences more and more of reality, she grows and becomes more complex. She learns to anticipate, and even do projects without Theodore prompting her. From organizing his email, to submitting his work to publishers, her abilities expand with time.

Tailored digital products are not only the future, but also available today (© Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc, source)

While mobile data collection won’t ever do the work for you, it can grow to meet more of your needs over time. One monthly subscription allows for endless editing and thousands of apps. You can start with one basic invoice and expand to inspections, work orders, and more.

Like Sam, mobile apps evolve over time. At GoCanvas, we are constantly working to make our mobile apps a better experience for our users. We listen to customer feedback, as well as try and anticipate future needs of our users. We may not work at the speed of an artificially intelligent system, but mobile data collection is improving each and every year. Whatever your needs are today or tomorrow, we’ll be here to help you grow.

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