Movie Monday: Why Indiana Jones Would Choose GoCanvas

By katie simpson on January 20, 2014

Hard to believe that it’s been nearly 24 years since Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was released. While the movies may have been set during World War II, we believe that today Jones would be wielding Canvas mobile apps.


1) A Library of Information, in the Palm of Your Hand

Indiana Jones succeeds throughout his quests because he combines the knowledge he has with his real world expeditions. His ultimate triumph occurs in The Last Crusade.

This success comes with high stakes: He races time trying to save his father’s life.  In the cave, he looks at a myriad of possible grails. If he chooses the right cup: he’ll save his father’s life. The wrong choice though, will kill his father.

A life or death choice, hinging on his wits (source)

How does he choose? Jones remembers an important fact: Jesus was a carpenter. With his personal data, he chooses the grail: a simple, unadorned wooden cup.

Like Indiana Jones, the best businesses use their knowledge when working out in the field. Mobile apps allow you to harness all of your data, right on your phone. Whatever you use from product lists to worksites, it’s easy with GoCanvas. Upload it to our site and map it to the app you want. Worried about updates or changes to your data? Simply upload your new information. Both Indiana Jones and you have more important things to do than worry about your reference data.

Your work may not be life or death, but it does matter.  Using the information you already have makes your work today faster and more accurate.  Speed and accuracy were the duo that made Indiana Jones great. Synergizing your data will let you do your best work, blowing the competition away.


2) Protect Your Information

If there’s one piece of advice I could give Indiana Jones? Get better data security. Somehow, the Nazis are always hot on his trail, or stealing his finds. All his hard work leads to little, if no gain.

All that work lost, why? Because Dr. Bolloq knew you were coming (source)

In business, we know that data is power. At GoCanvas, we don’t encrypt your information once, or twice, but three times. The first time occurs when your data leaves your smart device. We encrypt it a second time in the cloud. The final encryption occurs when you download the information. So prying eyes won’t see your information.

Our security doesn’t stop there. You can also limit who has access within your company to see information. Your users can have the full gamut of privileges or just be allowed to submit data. We also provide HIPAA level security. That further limits the spread of information including auto-log offs, disabling email capability from the app, and extra validations and check sums. These measures ensure your data is secure and free from manipulation.

The last thing anyone wants is their hard work stolen or lost. We understand and go the distance to ensure your data is secure at all times. After all the times Jones lost his data and work, he’d jump on board, knowing he was safer with us.


3) Working Beyond the Network? We Can Too

Jones wasn’t known for working in Silicon Valley.  His work took him to deserts, remote mountain towns, even rural India. Some jobs can make you feel just as remote: plunging a mile deep into mines, or working on oil rigs where wi-fi or 3G can’t be found. Just because you’re far out doesn’t mean you have to lose the tech.

You may be in a rural Nepalese bar, but you can still collect data (source)

With GoCanvas, you can keep submissions on your smartphone or tablet for up to 30 days before synching your device. So if your work takes you into the Egyptian desert or rural India, take your smartphone with you. Once Jones comes back to wi-fi, he can safely submit all that data to the cloud. Also immediately reassures his office back home that he’s still in one piece (more or less).


4) We Watch Your Back

As exciting as this is, do you want this in your work? We don’t think so (source).

Because next time Jones runs into a cave, there’s a waiver he can sign first. But to really be safe, I’d do a site safety inspection first. So next time? He’ll know what he’s getting into.