MoDevUX 2013

By Brent Nieder on May 14, 2013

MoDevUX was located in Canvas' backyard this year so I couldn't help but attend and see what I could learn from my peers. The convention held a wide arrangement of speakers, workshops, and attendees from a myriad of industries focused on improving their mobile experiences.

In the workshops and lectures there was a great deal of discussion on UX silver bullets and best practices for apps. Do you always go native option? HTML5 maybe? It was a mix and match solution in my opinion, but that probably depends on who you spoke or listened to. There were also a lot of conversations on metrics and methods to gather and track responses such as tobii's mobile eye tracking solutions.

As a UI/UX professional with a heavy creative background I feel I had a different experience from the dev heavy crowd, even though charts stated that 40% of all content was design focused, but I learned a good bit myself. I mostly attended multiple smaller workshops before the full conference to pick up as much variety as I could.

The following are a few of the presentations I enjoyed, (my focus being mainly on things I could pick up to refine GoCanvas of course) so they may not be interesting to all parties. Anyway, take a look at some presentation decks from MoDevUX 2013.


Put your UX to the test from Erin Daniels
Lean UX for Startups and Enterprise: Ten Secrets to Success from John Whalen
Designing Killer Apps for Mobile Devices ModevUX May 9 2013 mclean VA – @iRajLal from Raj Lal