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Modernize Your Data Collection With Real Time Digital Forms

By GoCanvas Team on September 21, 2022

Making real-time decisions that affect your bottom line, employee evaluation, and customer retention requires real-time data. By collecting data with real-time digital forms, you can unlock the full potential of your business. 

Effective data architecture and collection methods ensure your businesses data is: 

  • Easy to access, manage, maintain, and analyze
  • Streamlined 
  • Cloud-based
  • Secure and compliant with data regulations 

Continue reading to learn more about digital data collection and the benefits of implementing automated data collection processes in your organization. 

What is Digital Data Collection? 

Digital data collection involves collecting, sharing, storing, and analyzing digital data via devices (i.e., iOS, Android, PC, etc.) and software. Before digital data collection, most companies used paper forms to collect information. 

Unfortunately, some companies are still opting for manual data collection. While it is better than nothing, it only provides a fraction of the power that a truly automated data collection process can provide. 

Why is Digital Data Collection Important? 

Regardless of your industry, it’s your business’s best interest to stay ahead of the competition. One of the best methods of solidifying your company’s footprint on the market is to leverage real-time data to identify problem areas and double down on areas where your business excels. 

A few of the most commonly cited benefits of digital data collection include: 

  • Reduced costs associated with data collection 
  • Faster and more efficient data collection 
  • Higher data quality and fewer mistakes 
  • More visibility and accurate tracking 

Overall, data collection modernization helps keep your business on the right track and provides insights that would have otherwise been unknown. 

What Software is Used For Data Collection? 

There are many types of data collection software, each different from the next but essentially providing the same function – collecting, storing, and analyzing data in an organized and streamlined manner. 

The most significant benefit of data collection via digital forms over manual data collection (i.e., paper forms) is it allows your business to collect and analyze essential information in real-time. 

Additionally, data collection software like GoCanvas includes unique features like: 

  • Electronic signature collection
  • Form automation 
  • Accident investigations 
  • Process and workflow automation 

What Type of Data Can We Collect Using Online Forms?

There are several types of data you can obtain using digital forms. They include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Employee information – Job title, projects, task completion time 
  • Dispatch information – Mileage per job, best times/places to dispatch technicians, job details, GPS, etc. 
  • Consumer data – Customer information, ratings, retention rates, and more 
  • Reference Data – Customer, product, pricing, barcodes, and accounting codes 
  • Payment Information – Integrations with popular payment apps

The best data collection digital forms can turn this information into valuable insights you can use to propel your business to the next level. Continue reading to learn how GoCanvas customizable data collection apps can benefit your business. 

Automate Your Business With GoCanvas Data Collection Apps 

Many small business owners and managers are interested in digital data collection software but can’t afford the cost. What separates GoCanvas digital forms from the competition is that our data collection solutions are affordable, easy to implement, customizable, and integrate seamlessly with popular data storage tools (i.e., MySQL, Google Drive, PulseM, Mailchimp, Quickbooks, and more).

Additionally, GoCanvas real-time digital forms allow:

  • Easy uploads to databases 
  • Branded reports 
  • Shareable information 
  • Image and signature capture 
  • Customizable drag-and-drop app building 
  • Fast deployment 

Are you ready to modernize your data collection with real-time digital forms? Try GoCanvas today for free- no credit card required.