13 Fantastic Mobile Tech Resources from 2013

By katie simpson on December 30, 2013

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As 2013 comes to an end, we thought we’d give you our list of great articles and infographics covering mobile technology this past year.  Here are 13 great pieces you can’t miss!

The List

1. Mobile allows us to work anywhere, but maintaining professionalism can be hard. This great article from Fast Company will let you keep the flexibility, but leave the embarrassing moments behind

2. What are the real costs for going paperless? This great long form article from Verge delves into the costs, and the benefits.

3. Getting started on your ipad? This nerdgraph infographic will give you great tricks and tips to get started and up to speed.

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4. Frictionless experiences via mobile will give you not only the good but also the bad and the ugly. You may not want to, but you need to hear it all. Great article from Harvard Business Review here.

5. Nervous about mobile strategy for your business? Hopkinson has some great advice about jumping in and making it work.

6. Mobile is a rising star for advertising. In this article, Brown gives great tips for small businesses to effectively advertise on mobile. It’s definitely an avenue no small business can afford to miss..

7. Going mobile also brings on new risks. CIO provides the cybersecurity information for mobile devices you’ll need for 2014.

8. Curious about who is using QR codes and how? Nerdgraph provides another great infographic to help you stay informed

But do you really need to use them? Source

9. See the amazing mobile growth statistics of 2013 by DigitalBuzzBlog.  Personal highlight? How long it too radio to reach 50 million people versus the draw something app. Check it out here.

10. Going mobile means more than an app, it requires innovation. Marketplace interviews Applico‘s CEO with some interesting insights.

11. Wonder why you can pay for your groceries with your mobile phone in Kenya but not in the United States? Here’s an article to help you understand why

12. Did you think of that? Mobile apps have entered all parts of our lives, but did you know that they were in these industries? Here’s a slideshow of 10 Traditional Industries Transformed by Tablets

13. We had some great customer stories and case studies over the past year at GoCanvas. Our highlight? Demmer Saving $1 Million Annually with Canvas!

Let Us Know!

What were your favorite mobile/tech stories from 2013? Leave a comment and let us know!