Mobile Solutions for the Supply Chain Management Industry: Strategico Partners with GoCanvas

By Michael Benedict on July 21, 2014

Strategico was founded in 2006 by CP van Vuuren and specializes in supply chain optimization projects across various industries in South Africa.  Using state of the art enterprise mobility platforms, Strategico develops business apps that reduce repetitive work and automate data capturing, helping improve supply chain efficiency by 50+%.  

Last month Strategico reached out to GoCanvas. They wanted to develop a proof of delivery app for a major company in South Africa. Immediately, Strategico saw the potential to rapidly create, deploy and test mobile data collection apps for their clients, and applied to become a GoCanvas Reseller.  Their founder, CP van Vuuren said, “we are looking to eliminate paper in a number of industries.”

Beyond Mobile Data Collection

Strategico is looking to add value to their clients by not only developing mobile data collection apps, but also by integrating data with backend software systems. Since GoCanvas is built on an open API, it is easy for Strategico's customers to easily take data captured in GoCanvas and import it into their own databases and software systems.

Thus with GoCanvas, Strategico is able to provide a complete solution for their clients. This partnershis creates a real value add for firms. In one switch they go both mobile and eliminate  edundant data entry.

Custom Apps for South African Business

While going through the reseller application process, Strategico learned they could develop and launch apps tailored to the South African market through their own Application Store. Having just launched 10 apps, they plan to develop many, many more.

Their apps cover many types of industries. For example, they created a Consulting Agent's Project Weekly Time Sheet that records hours worked on a project in a given day and the total billable amount for an employee with multiple duties or job types. They've also released a Furniture Removal Inventory Register that allows you to select inventory from the pre-populated lists. Items in this app are linked to standard cubic measurements for real timeinformation. With this app you can send the completed inventory list with cubic measurements to your office, back-end system and client with the push of a button.

Another app Strategico create was a Road Traffic Infrastructure Incident Report . This app provides the ability to report any incidents or infrastructure faults with GPS and photo recording to an e-mail address of your choice. All of these apps are available to anyone to download for FREE and can be easily tailored to your businesses requirements and needs.

These are just some of the many apps Stategico has in their store. You can see all of Strategico's Apps and learn more about their consultancy.

Strategico joins a fast growing global Reseller network that is adding GoCanvas to their service offerings.  If you feel inspired by CP van Vuuren’s approach, go ahead submit a Partnership Application – we’d love to speak with you!