The One Tool Making Proactive Roof Maintenance Even Easier

By katie simpson on November 17, 2014

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Proactive maintenance, the statistics about proactive roof maintenance being cheaper and extending roof life have been shown around the Internet. Proactive maintenance costs 14 cents per square foot compared to 25 cents per square foot for reactive maintenance. Even worse, reactive maintenance programs only have roofs for about 13 years, compared to 21 for those that use proactive maintenance.

And yet, customers still put off maintenance, waiting often until issues become serious to call you in. A mobile roof maintenance app can help engage your customers.

Easily identify issues

Your customers call you in not only because you are an expert in roofing, but also because they aren’t. How often has a customer’s eyes glazed over when you started to explain a caulking issue or pipe penetrations? 

With a mobile app, it’s easier to help explain to your customers what warning signs to keep an eye out for. A mobile inspection allows you to capture images as you go of the building. Doing hundreds of these a year, you can easily take a few examples from your work to show what a roof should look like, and what customers shouldn’t see. 

If a customer does see an issue, they’ll call you earlier for more preventative work. You’ll have a quicker job, and the customer will enjoy a smaller bill. 

Is it that time of year again?

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If you go to the dentist, chances are, they ask you after your appointment to schedule your next check up. Sure, it’s hard to know your schedule six months in advance, but by scheduling it, you ensure you come back. 

A field technician may not be able to schedule a customer’s next roof inspection while on site. However, a mobile roofing inspection can ensure you have more accurate insight to when that inspection happened. On your inspection, you can include an automatic time and date stamp. As soon as the technician opens the app on a smartphone or tablet, the time and date is entered for them. 

Technicians can also make a note for the office on following up for future maintenance scheduling. They can ask the customer the best days and times for repair work. All this information gets immediately sent to the cloud and accessible by the home office. So follow up can happen easily within minutes rather than days or weeks after the technician’s visit. 

Smoother, faster process

Proactive may be cheaper, but in so many ways, being reactive is easier. With the day to day work keeping us busy, do your customers have time to really notice. Worse, do they have the time to wait for a technician between certain hours for an inspection and then another visit to fix the roof? If it’s a small crack on the roof, your customers might think, “meh, it’s not worth the time.”  

Going mobile can help you provide faster and smoother service to your customers. With light dispatch, you can pre-populate maintenance inspections with customer information such as address, time of the appointment, and even what issues they may be having. Your technician get started more quickly, and help fix the issue the first time out. In addition, real time information allows your office to follow up quickly with the customer. 

By making the process easier for customers, not only will they be more likely to reach out, but also continue to come back for your proactive service.


With the holiday season coming up, roofs of all kind can take a beating, especially from the ice, snow. A mobile roof inspection can help your customers more easily understand issues to look out for, help schedule routine maintenance, as well as make maintenance an easier for both your customers and your technicians. We also recommend using our Roofing Certificate of Work Completion mobile app to make following up with your customers more efficient.

Discover how easy going mobile can be