Mobile Inspection Apps on iPad, iPhone, Android / Android Tablets, and Windows Mobile

By James W Quigley on May 1, 2014

Inspection Apps on Smartphones

Streamline Inspections with Mobile Apps

Mobile inspections on Smartphones and Tablets are a favorite application category for GoCanvas.  We have inspectors today using GoCanvas to replace paper forms in a wide variety of inspection activities.  Some of our most popular inspection app categories include:

Fire Inspections: Organizations who inspect fire suppression and monitoring systems are getting real time savings and better information with mobile app inspections. These mobile inspection apps replace the clipboard for a tablet or smartphone. Not only do inspectors get a lighter load, but to share information in real time. You can even upload your own client or location data to prepopulate fields that include details on inspections for a specific building or product. 

Building Inspections: Whether you are inspecting a commercial or residential building, a mobile app allows you to include data elements like GPS, image capture all inside your form.  Building inspectors are finding it is easier to manage a tablet or smartphone than a pen and paper.  With all forms available on their mobile device & the cloud, repairs happen more quickly and provide a more professional response and presentation for their clients.  

Mobile Inspection Apps from Canvas

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Restaurant Inspections:  Assuring that a restaurant meets safety and cleanliness standards happens regularly in every town, city, and state. These are extensive inspections, often spanning multiple pages that require multiple photo images. How easy is it to accidently lose one page from that inspection? How long does it take you to match a photo to the correct part of the paper form?    

A mobile inspection allows you to take photos inside the form, no longer requiring time spent matching photos to the forms. With all the mobile inspections submitted to the cloud, you'll never lose a part of an inspection again. And as soon as you're done you can email the mobile inspection reports to all the necessary parties. Less work, and more accuracy? Guaranteed with GoCanvas. 

Vehicle Inspections: Whether you are inspecting large commercial vehicles or consumer automobiles, inspections of vehicles are not only long but require quick action. But with mobile inspections, vehicle reports can be completed and turned in much more efficiently.  One Nigerian port was even able to use barcode scanning and photo capture on their mobile app to match drivers to their vehicles. Not only were inspections quick, but also dramatically reduced theft. You can take your mobile inspections further by verifying locations with GPS stamps, or upload vehicle information with our reference data feature.  

Roof Inspections: Inspecting roofs for damage, repair or replacement? Make your process more efficient with a smartphone or tablet. By using checklists, drop down value lists, and pre-populated fields, you can cut your inspection time dramatically

So Much More: GoCanvas can be used for a million types of mobile inspections including appraisals, road inspections, retail inspections and more. Not only do we have thousands of mobile application templates in our app store, we also have an app builder to make your own completely customized mobile inspection (no coding required). So if you are ready to ditch your paper forms and start filling out inspections right from your mobile device, click here!

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