How Mobile Delivery Apps Can Improve Your Driving Business

By Nick Mirisis on December 20, 2019
Tags: Data Collection

4 Delivery Apps to Improve Your Driving Business

Driving businesses are growing at an exponential rate, with Forbes projecting that by 2025 online food delivery alone will be a $200 billion industry. Product delivery and rideshare driving are also both rapidly on the rise. This pivotal point in industry growth makes it necessary to keep your driving business ahead of the expanding market. Thankfully, mobile delivery apps and digital forms can help. Here are five mobile driving apps that can improve your delivery business. 

Driving Time Log Mobile App

Time logs are essential to ensure you get paid for the time spent on the job. Paper time logs are easy to lose track of and difficult to submit, especially for drivers working on the go. By converting to our very popular Drivers’ Daily Log, you can complete and submit your timesheet from directly from your mobile device. This comes with the added benefit of enhanced legibility and digital calculation, keeping the payment processes of your driving business seamless. 

Dispatch Calendar

If you run a delivery business that manages multiple drivers at once, a mobile app dispatch calendar can keep your company organized and efficient in the delivery process. You can send needed information directly to each of your drivers that details where they need to go and what they need to deliver once there. This provides a unified outlet of organization to run your business efficienciently. Organizing your drivers can help you save money on fuel costs as you find the most effective delivery distribution for your business.

Barcode Scanning App

Barcodes have long been used with sales and delivery industries. With mobile barcode scanning, you can effortlessly keep track of your delivery inventory.  Best of all, you do not need to purchase an external barcode scanning device when you partner with GoCanvas. The GoCanvas system allows you to scan barcodes and QR codes directly from your mobile device. View a sample barcode form here, and customize the template to your unique form needs.

Proof of Delivery Mobile App

Limiting liabilities present with delivery is easy with an advanced Pickup and Delivery Form. This app allows you to keep detailed records of your successful deliveries. Within this mobile app, you can mark the GPS location of your delivery, accept necessary signatures, and add an image directly into your form. 

Related delivery documentation apps include:

If you don’t see what you are looking for in the GoCanvas Application Store, you can also create your custom app using the GoCanvas system. Creating custom apps for your driving business is effortless with the on-screen GoCanvas guidance, simple system, and expansive customer resources.

Delivery Receipt App

Delivery and Mobile Forms: Benefits for your Business

Mobile forms can create a level of convenience formerly unknown to the driving industry. When you are constantly on the go, paper processes can become more difficult to manage. By converting your processes to mobile apps and digital forms, you can take advantage of advanced data collection features necessary to optimize your company. Using mobile driving apps, you can also save, share, and export your files for ease of communication and delivery documentation. Ultimately, the mobile form conversion process can save your driving business time, money, and hassle. 

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