Mobile Business Apps Take Hold in Europe

By andrew cantle on February 25, 2014

Of the 15 top countries for smartphone penetration in the world, six are in Europe. Pretty impressive, but perhaps not surprising. Europe is a relatively wealthy region of sophisticated consumers and businesses to boot. This small continent is full of early adopters and businesses willing to try new technologies to get an advantage over their competitors.

Mobile business apps are the latest powerful business tool to gain traction; and their use is spreading around the region at lightning pace. Businesses large and small are leveraging the benefits of moving their archaic work processes from paper and clipboards straight onto smartphones and tablets.

Thousand years of history won’t stop Europe from innovating! Photo credit: bobchin1941 via photopin cc 

How are apps changing the way European businesses do business? The benefits are immediate:

Productivity: business apps enable workers to get more work done, more quickly. They speed up processes and get data back to the office much more quickly than before.

Efficiency: gone are the days of poor handwriting and double data entry. With a mobile business app on their device, a worker can get information right first time and delivered straight to their office, back-end systems etc. 

Security: with data typically stored in highly-secure cloud environments, the information collected is now safe from being lost, damaged or ending up in the wrong hands.

Cashflow: the combined impact of the above list is that businesses can speed up their processes, get work done and invoices submitted more quickly, and enjoy increased cashflow straight away.

Such is the European demand for apps, that a recent EU report estimates that by 2018, the European app industry will employ 5 million people and contribute €63bn to the economy. And it’s a safe bet that much of this employment and revenue will be in the business sector.

With so many business customers already adopting GoCanvas mobile apps in Europe, I’ve just set up in London to build out our sales and support operations here. We’re working with some of Europe’s largest companies in construction, transport, retail, manufacturing and other industries. Our aim is to help them find ever-more useful ways to deploy GoCanvas apps around their business.

If the current rate of interest and adoption carries on as expected, it’s going to be an awesome ride!