Mobile Business Apps on BlackBerry with GoCanvas Get Major Upgrade! Signature, Bar Code Capture & Mo

By James W Quigley on January 13, 2012

BlackBerry Business Apps with Canvas

We have recently upgraded GoCanvas to include some very powerful new BlackBerry features making it possible to get the most out of your BlackBerry devices.  The newer BlackBerry Smartphones incorporate touch screen and better cameras which has allowed us to offer features that just weren’t possible before.  So here are some of the things now possible with your BlackBerry.

I am an Mobile Inspector - Mobile Apps Canvasinspector… and I carry a new BlackBerry Bold on BB 7.0.   I would love to Blackberry Bold with Canvasreplace my inspection forms with a mobile app, but isn’t that expensive and hard to do?  I would also love to incorporate GPS for the customer locations I have visited,  Bar Code Scan Parts I am replacing, insert pictures of the work I am doing and even collect an electronic signature from my clients right on my device.  Is this even possible?  EASY!  With GoCanvas you can:

1) Search our fast growing GoCanvas AppStore and find an inspection application for you and then customize it the way you want. We have one of the fastest growing application stores around and focused on you and your business.   Check it out and find what you are looking for from some of the leading business brands on the planet.

2) Build your own with GoCanvas… it is easy… no REALLY EASY to do it.  Seriously… try it yourself. Learn More Here….

So with GoCanvas…  I would have filled out thesePaper Goes Away With Mobile Apps on Canvas but now I fill in the data on my BlackBerry and the data comes back to me and my customer real time.  I can forward them PDF’s, that even look like my original invoice at a fraction of the cost of an expensive solution.  I can also access the data myself downloading it into a spreadsheet, searching and sorting it and even integrating this with my own back office software.   Want to learn more….   Try it for free or give us a call and we can get you going in minutes.   1-866-242-9334