Mobile Business Apps a Multi-Billion Dollar Market?

By James W Quigley on September 19, 2010
Tags: Data Collection, GoCanvas Company Updates

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According to Industry Analysts the Mobile Apps Market for business will top $3B this year… and by 2012 $5B!  Businesses are flocking to mobile solutions that at their base level are replacing what was at one point a piece of paper on a clip board. 

It is a powerful statement when a world leader in the paper forms business is up for offering a unique alternative to paper forms.  Read below how our relationship with Deluxe is challenging paper forms users to drop their clipboard and pick up their Smartphone. 

In mobile news… New devices are hitting the street almost daily with Android sales continuing to elevate, now surpassing iPhone.   The newest Blackberry OS 6 device, the Torch, hit the street as well.   We have played with it and even though the blogosphere doesn’t like it we think it is a nice fit for business users.  Tablets are now coming on fast and furious.  Read about some of the ones hitting the street now. 

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Want to read the entire September GoCanvas Newsletter? Click Here