Mobile Apps Save Small Businesses $17.6 Billion Yearly

By James W Quigley on September 23, 2011

Business News Daily 17.6B saved through mobile business apps

A recent article from Business News Daily outlined how small businesses are saving a tremendous amount of time and money through the use of mobile business applications.   From a recent study completed for the Small Business & Entrepreurship Council by the research firm TechoMetrica, small businesses are now reporting to save time, money, are increasing revenue, increasing productivity and improving communication with their customers all through the use of mobile business apps.  As mobile business apps become more prevalent these increases will become more standard across all small businesses.   A small business was defined as an organization with fewer than 20 workers.

Another stunning find from the research found that small businesses are consuming smartphones (and now tablet computing devices) in large volumes than the general populace.   Nearly 50% of all small businesses have deployed a smartphone compared to the 20% of the general U.S. population.   The study also found that small businesses are considering smartphones and tablet as direct replacements for desktops and laptops now, reducing their purchase of those solutions while amping up mobile devices.

From the Business News Daily Article

“More than three-quarters of small-business owners (78 percent) say mobile apps are saving them significant time each week, researchers found. Their estimates of the weekly savings came to an average of 5.6 hours. They are also saving employee time. Half the small-business owners in the survey said at least 5 employee hours are being saved on a weekly basis.  The survey estimated that the use of mobile apps by small businesses results in 725.3 million hours saved annually, which translates into an estimated $17.6 billion annually, based on average pay for employees in small business.” 

This trend will continue as mobile business applications become easier to use, deploy, customize all while meeting the financial needs of these very same organizations.