Missed the Webinar? Watch it Now: What You Need to Know About GoCanvas in 2019

By Kassidi Koronkowski on December 10, 2018
Tags: Data Collection, Productivity

What's New With GoCanvas

Were you unable to attend our Q4 webinar? No problem!

Check out the recap below as Jason Good, VP of Product Engagement, guides you through the latest releases from Q4 - 2018.

You will find all of the questions asked during our 3 live webinars at the bottom of this post along with the answers.

In this webinar, the topics covered include: 

  • Dispatch - Ability to use Reference Data 
  • Individual Plan
  • App Builder Updates 
  • Mobile App Builder - iOS
  • Auto Results Email Options
  • GDPR Compliant

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Webinar Questions

Will the final video be posted for later  reference?


If you build a mobile app can you go back and edit and add features on the web to finish the functionality?

Yes! That is why we exist as a company. Any GoCanvas App can be edited anytime with our App Builder. If you are new to the platform, here is a good place to get up to speed: GoCanvas 101

I probably know the answer, but can you make a change to an app without creating a version? 

The answer you thought it was is correct.  grin  No, you cannot.  We use versions to associate to your submission data.  I guess we could potentially hide the version so your users do not see it.  

Could it be possible to copy-paste multiple fields simultaneousely?

It is not possible today. There is not a concept of selecting multiple fields to do something to them. You can copy screens, though.  That might help you speed up your app building.

Stamp Photos Enhancement....any chance GC will add the ability to time stamp photos? Maybe be able to add geographic coordinates too? https://help.gocanvas.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360018901453-Stamp-Photos-Enhancement

It isn't something on our list now for 2019 but that list changes constantly.  But you can vote for it in the Feature Request area and we do pay close attention to that.

Can you assign an app from one account to another Individule account.  ie assign an app to a trucker in dispatch who is using a free individule account.

No, you cannot do that.  It is something we have discussed, however. It is not something for 2019 but down the road I see us offering such a thing. We added the free account this year and it opens up doors like the one you're asking about.

I'm sure you will cover it, but how is the best way to access GoCanvas from a PC?  Web address or does FHR have a link somewhere?

Our desktop client runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10.  You can download it here: www.gocanvas.com/m

What level user can use dispatch?

If you are referring to using it on the web and creating dispatches then that would be Admins and Designers.  Anyone can fill out a dispatch that was assigned to them.

When my clients receive emails from me, they get a warning" This may be a spoofed message.   Gmail couldn't verify that it was actually sent from your account."   It is a scary message is there anyway to get rid of that?

This is because you changed the email setting to have the submissions sent from one of the users in your account or from the user making the submission.  All this does is mask the real address (donotreply@gocanvas.com).  Email programs are smart enough to know if an address is masked and they put up this warning when they see one. Masking the true email address is one way hackers and spammers try to get us to click on links inside their emails.  The only way to prevent this is by having the emails come from donotreply@gocanvas.com because that is a real email address.

Can you add multiple email accounts to one field and have pdf copy sent to those accounts on submission?

See answer after next question.

Reference data to generate an email distribution list for a submission: Can that list be formatted into a check list where the user can select all names that are relevant for notification? i.e. I have a list of 20 contacts in the reference data and the form I am completing needs to be sent to three of the 20 names.

I will answer the two questions above.  The only place you can do that is at the end of the app when you are allowed to add recipients to the email.  But I'm guessing that is not the kind of experience you want.  Here is how I would do it....

  • Add checkbox fields for each person that could potentially receive the email.  The field label should be his/her name or his/her email address.
  • Create conditional fields based on when those checkboxes are checked. These are short text fields with a "style" of email. Check the box to "Always email" to this address. Enter a default value for the field containing the person's email address associated with the checkbox.

Your user can then check the names of the people they want to email the submission to and the conditional fields that appear with the email address in it will automatically be added to the list of recipients. If you want you can make these conditional fields INVISIBLE so the user doesn't even see them.  As long as the condition is met (the box is checked) the fields will work even if they are not visible.  Obviously test this out when the fields are visible to make sure it works.  grin

I like the new publish features.

Why thank you!!  

Do you have any documents regarding GDPR compliance? Thanks you.

Yes, we do. Right here.

Speaking of getting rid of logos, is there a plan to open up the service to white-labeling?

I clarified this on the webinar and the attendee was referring to customizing our mobile app so that it looks and feels more like their own brand than the GoCanvas brand.  Some people ask about this in context of wanting their own app icon on their screen that their users would click to launch our service.  That is NOT something we are looking at doing.  But we have talked about allowing more customization inside our app. Perhaps you could upload your logo, change the colors, have your own "splash" screen with information on it for your users and things like that.  It isn't on the plan for 2019 but we have definitely heard this request many times over the years.  Head to the Community and post it or vote for it!

Are we able to view the PDF format of submissions before we submit?

No, not currently. But that is something we are looking at and could be something you see in 2019.  I was just discussing it internally the other day, in fact.  

Will the ability to take pitcures from an iPad with flash on be available soon?

In android, can you delete items entered from a loop screen?

You can, yes. Click and hold to get the delete option.

Can we attach additional documents to the form? Will it ever be available?

Right now you can attach a static document to your submissions. So if you have a company newsletter or monthly discount offers or other information that does not change, you can attach that to your submissions.  You'll find it in the Email Options associated with each GoCanvas App.  

But you cannot attach files from the device, no. I'm guessing that is what you're asking.  I think it will ultimately be available but not in 2019 at this point.

Are you going to have the ability to load multiple photos from a single photo field without using a loop function?

I expect this to be available in 2019.  It is high on our list of things to add and I was talking about it the other day, in fact.

Do you have plans to add notifications badges to IOS?  So when a workflow is assigned you get push notification and a icon badge for reminder until you take care of it.

We have a feature in beta testing now called "Workflow Status for Mobile" that we can turn on for you.  It will add a tab to our app at the bottom called "Workflow". If a handoff is assigned to you then a badge will show up on that Workflow tab. Contact support to have this feature turned on for your account. You have to be on our Professional Plan to use Workflow.

Can you increase the line width for the signature block? The uploaded signature is very faint currently.

We did increase the line width a couple of releases ago.  Please make sure you are running the current version of GoCanvas on your device.  If you are then it looks like we didn't make it wide enough for your liking.  :-(

Are there any plans to support loops within loops for the custom PDF outputs?

We hope to add this at some point, yes. It isn't in our 2019 plans as of right now. Very few of our customers use this feature.  And a subset of those need a PDF.  You can use our Standard PDF design and it is supported there.  But you do not have many ways to customize that.

The other option is to work with our Professional Services team.  We can build this functionality for you but it is a custom solution.  And you would not be able to edit that design with the PDF Designer.  But we have built custom PDFs for lots of customers.  Submit a ticket if you're interested!

Are there plans to allow a user to build multiple customized pdf's from a single app submission?

Not right now, no. And it is not on our list of things for 2019. There are other enhancements to the PDF Designer we would like to add before we would offer something like that.  But vote for it in our Community and that can change things.

It would be great to have different PDFs depending on different selections in the app.  For instance we have a big  customer that needs their service work submitted on one type of form but most of our other customers are fine with our current one - I don't want to have to design a separate app for that one customer since we use integration with our business software.

Same answer as above. The solution is to create different GoCanvas Apps.  You can update your integration to support multiple GoCanvas Apps collecting the data you want.  But I'm sure you considered this.

It would be great to be able to turn things that are available for a person by item rather than giving all admins access to certain things.  Sometimes I want them to be able to do some things but not others.

Yes, we have heard this but it is not in the cards for 2019. Creating permission levels by feature is actually complicated from a development standpoint.  Not that that matters, but it isn't something we have heard enough to go very far with it.

The form I am creating is a process audit. There are several areas that I require an image to be added. I wanted to see if there is a way to allow additional pictures to be taken without a specific question being asked?

Not currently, no. But that is something we are looking at.  This would allow the mobile user to add photos at anytime while filling out a GoCanvas App.  There are complexities around what to do with those images in regards to placing them on the PDF, of course.  But this is something that has come up many times.  It is currently not in the cards for 2019 but we are looking at enhancing our photo capabilities so it could slide in.  Vote for it in the Community!

Will we ever have the ability to export app submissions for multiple app versions at the same time?

This is something that has come up many times. We don't have plans for it right now. I highly recommend using our Business Insights tool, though.  It is available to anyone on the Professional Plan. It allows you to pull data from GoCanvas directly inside MS Excel. Using this tool you can export submissions across versions.  It is a great tool.

Will there be push notifications for workflows/handoffs on Windows? Or will email always be the only option for non Apple/Android devices?

I think ultimately we will provide notifications for Desktop users but it isn't on the list for 2019 right now.


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