Miley Cyrus and Mobile Apps: 4 Surprising Things They Have in Common

By katie simpson on July 29, 2014

Miley and Cyrus and mobile apps? I can see you being skeptical. Sure, she’s on twitter and that’s an app…but how much can these two really have in common?

It may surprise you, but both have at least four similarities that will surprise you.

1. They wreck the status quo

Much of Miley Cyrus’s popularity comes now from causing a stir. Her songs may be pop, but her performances and videos cause quite a stir. She’s not willing to look like everybody else, or play by their rules.

Mobile business apps don’t sound so scandalous, but they’re upsetting the status quo for business in some impactful ways. Retail businesses are using mobile apps to increase their conversion rates. Deloitte found that 85% of consumers who used a retailer’s native app in their most recent shopping trip purchased something that day.  Among those who didn’t use the native app only 64% bought something. Going mobile is making a huge impact on their sales and bottom line.

Mobile apps are changing how businesses collect data and the type of information they collect. HVAC companies, for instance, are now adding photos to their repair forms and emailing customers invoices the same day, instead of waiting days or weeks for billing. Improved customer service and faster billing? Thank you mobile apps.

2. They’ve both enjoyed a lot of hype

Whether you like or hate her, Miley Cyrus’s antics get her a lot of press. After her infamous performance at the VMAs, search results for her on google spiked, numerous articles were written, and her music hit number one on the Billboard chart.

Mobile apps, have seen an even bigger hype than Miley: Google trends shows that in just six years, mobile apps barely register. Now? You can’t stop hearing about mobile apps.

The skyrocketing interestin in mobile apps. Source: Google Trends

For good reason: Mobile apps are changing the way we live. Social media is now available anytime, anywhere with your smartphone apps. Need directions? No worries, there’s a GPS app for that. Even collecting business cards and adding them to your contact list has an app.

People are discovering mobile apps to help make tasks faster, easier and enjoy more productive days.

3. They set themselves apart

More than gaining a lot of press, Miley Cyrus has set herself apart. She dresses differently, sounds differently, and has a persona unlike any other pop star right now. It not only makes her more recognizable, it creates a large difference between her and the rest of Pop. That difference helps Miley sell even more music.

Mobile apps are setting businesses apart in a variety of fields from their competitors. Why? Customers receive not crumpled receipts, but clear, easy to read PDFs straight in their inbox. Inspections that once took two hours are now take just fifteen minutes. Oh and errors in invoicing, product orders or price quotes? Those are gone too.

Companies that embrace technology provide clearer communication, faster service, and enjoy lower administrative costs. You’ll get your customers talking about your business in all the right ways.

4. They are constantly changing

The face is the same, but her fashion sense has dramatically changed over the past few years. Hair, makeup, and especially her wardrobe have taken a dramatic turn. In fact there’s little that has stayed the same over the years.

Change was crucial for her survival as a pop star. Source

The look and feel of mobile apps have changed dramatically over the years as well. With a focus on constant iteration and change, few people are shocked to open their smartphone these days to see an app has updated itself overnight. It’s hard to believe that five years ago, we were seeing apps like:

What a difference 5 years makes in a mobile app. Source: Disney

This change isn’t just coincidental: it’s necessary for survival. Whether you like or dislike how Miley Cyrus has changed, she couldn’t stay as Hannah Montana. As a child star, she had to transition in order to maintain her career.

Mobile apps have to change for survival as well. In an incredibly competitive landscape, you have to adapt and constantly improve or you become outdated and less useful to your customers. People now expect updates and constant tweaking of their apps to respond to as well anticipate customer needs.

Kids in twenty years may not know the song ‘Wrecking Ball’ or what Instagram is. Yet both Miley Cyrus and mobile apps have made big impacts for society and business. Disrupting the status quo, gathered lots of attention, differentiated from the crowd, and constantly changing, the only thing I can say for certain is this: we don’t what will happen to both mobile apps and Miley Cyrus, but everyone will be watching to find out.  

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