Michael Theodor Brokerage Eliminates Paper and Increases Efficiency on Blackberry Playbook

By scott shea on October 4, 2012

Michael Theodor Brokerage is the oldest established natural Product Broker in Canada, providing superior brand and sales management services with extensive background in the natural foods industry.  They represent some of the best natural and organic food and health care lines in North America.  With so many different retailers and brands to keep track of, MTB was looking for a way to make this process easier for their account managers in the field.  GoCanvas provided the answer they were looking for.

After discovering GoCanvas and connecting with a Mobile Apps Consultant, MTB was well on their way to creating a customized mobile application.  They started with the easy-to-use GoCanvas App Builder.  The app needed to be simple enough where it was only capturing vital information, but smart enough to keep the workload to minimum.  MTB took advantage of some of Canvas’s most powerful features.  First, they used an Advanced List screen.  This is a screen layout that allows the user to enter multiple responses for a single item added to a list. In this case, their Account Managers need to capture data about a retailer selling the products they distribute.  In addition, they can optionally capture additional data for each response within the list using the Conditional Branching feature. This makes additional screens appear if necessary based on values entered in certain fields within their GoCanvas App.  Their Account Managers are walked through the App in a way that only shows them the fields they need based on the work they are doing with that particular retailer.  And they can repeat this process for as many retailers as they wish.

Next, MTB used reference data.  They created a simple CSV file with the names of all the Retailers they had accounts for as well as other information associated with the specific retailers.  Now, once a retailer is chosen from a drop-down (value list) field, all the other information in regards to the retailer will automatically populate in the app for the rep.  This cuts the time it takes to fill out a form quite significantly.

Finally, they were able to deploy the app to all the account managers who would be filling out forms.  The forms are completed and uploaded to the GoCanvas servers and stored on the GoCanvas cloud.  Those back at the office can see submissions in real time by simply logging on to the GoCanvas website.  The solution has allowed the business to run faster and eliminate wasteful paper.

If you are interested in finding a paperless solution sign up for a risk free 30 Day Trial at www.gocanvas.com.  We have thousands of pre-built mobile applications that can be downloaded for free at http://www.gocanvas.com/mobile-forms-apps.

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