May Food Service Equips Technicians with GoCanvas Mobile Apps on Android Galaxy Tabs

By kalliopi vlastos on September 5, 2012

Repair Order Apps

May Food Service, a Rhode Island based wholesale restaurant equipment provider and servicer has adopted some new equipment of its own – Samsung Galaxy Tabs powered with GoCanvas Mobile App for dispatching and completing work orders.

The company, which was previously using paper and clipboards to fill out service work orders, has now eliminated paper from the process. The techs have to do zero writing and far less typing than they expected since the app utilizes GoCanvas Reference Data. By uploading spreadsheets of all their customer and equipment information, the techs simply select a value from a drop-down and the rest of the information about that customer or piece of equipment populates automatically. The only time they have to type an address or serial number is if the customer or equipment is new.

The app is so customized that it only displays the equipment associated with the particular job the technician is working on. This advanced functionality eliminates the possibility of mistakes and also provides an opportunity for the tech to record information not already included in the company’s reference file. The technicians can even snap a before and after photo of the piece of equipment to certify that it was repaired. They enter all the parts used and ordered as well as the hours of labor so the GoCanvas app can calculate the total charges and tax for the repair.

Although the app is a huge improvement from its previous process, May Food Service is gearing up to join our group of dispatch beta testers to provide feedback and help improve the functionality for full scale deployment. This will allow the office administrator to enter information about a service call online and dispatch the work order to the technician. When he receives it, the customer information and service required will already be filled in.

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester and are using Android devices, please email and one of our app consultants will contact you. Also, be sure to check out our many different work order apps. They're free to download and easily modifiable.

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