Massage Therapist Works Out the Kinks Replacing Paper with GoCanvas on iPhone and iPad

By kalliopi vlastos on September 2, 2011

Canvas massage therapy mobile apps

An east coast-based massage therapist whose client roster boasts a slew of professional athletes has found GoCanvas mobile apps on iPhone/iPad to be the perfect cure to a knot in her own business.

Our featured subscriber frequently schedules sessions outside her office at remote locations to cater to her high profile clients’ privacy needs. Prior to GoCanvas she had to carry around an assortment of forms, dig out the correct ones, store them in her bag once completed by the client, and file them upon returning to the office.

Now, she arrives on site, hands the client her iPad and has him fill out a GoCanvas mobile app while she sets up the massage table. GoCanvas allows her to become a truly mobile masseuse. She enjoys the flexibility GoCanvas affords her, recalling the time she forgot her iPad, but didn’t skip a beat. She simply downloaded the GoCanvas Smart Client on her iPhone and got right back to work.

You can find all of the apps our featured subscriber uses in our Application Store, including a Massage Therapy Informed Consent Form, Massage Therapist Client Intake Application, and a SOAP Massage Charting Notes app. Check out all our customizable Massage Therapists apps and get started today!