Marketing the Mobile Way: GoCanvas Apps on Samsung Galaxy Tabs

By kalliopi vlastos on January 30, 2012

marketing with GoCanvas mobile apps

An innovative marketing company based in Dallas, TX has traded in paper and clipboards for GoCanvas Mobile Apps on Samsung Galaxy Tabs.  The company promotes its clients’ goods by word of mouth, sending its employees out to conduct surveys and gather information about industries such as automotive, energy, and roofing.

The canvassers clock in when they arrive at the door then capture their geo location, and whether or not the resident answered the door. If there is a response the canvasser gives her pitch, proceeds to ask questions and gathers data in GoCanvas about whatever good or service the company is promoting. The user then documents the customer’s level of interest, takes a few notes and clocks out to finish at that residence.

GoCanvas makes it easy for the company admin to create new surveys every few months as new clients are rotated in. The Canvassers no longer have to carry countless pieces of paper making them look sharp from head to tablet!

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