Major Hotel Chain Replaces Paper Room Inspection Forms with GoCanvas Custom Mobile Apps on Blackberr

By scott shea on January 15, 2013

Major Hotel Chain Replaces Paper Room Inspection Forms with GoCanvas Custom Mobile Apps on Blackberry

Hotel room inspections should be quick, efficient, and paper free.  That is what this particular hotel located in Tulsa, Oklahoma decided.   Most people nowadays are equipped with a smartphone, so it makes sense to utilize them in every way possible to make business faster.  With GoCanvas, every room in the hotel can now be inspected right from a Blackberry (or any mobile device!) and sent immediately to the GoCanvas cloud to ensure another guest can get in to their room as soon as possible.

Step One: Getting the App

The first step of the process was getting an app–we find that our checklist apps and inspection apps are generally very popular in the hotel industry.  This hotel was able to access the GoCanvas Application store and find a hotel room inspection app in no time.  Any of the over 13,000 apps from the application store can be downloaded for free, so you can test it out and see if the app will fit your needs.   Once the user found the app they were comfortable with, they were off and running.

Step Two: How it Works

The app used by the hotel covers everything that needs to be checked when compiling hotel room inspections. To ensure the best quality for customers, the inspection lists:

  • the room number
  • the date and time  
  • all the amenities in the room

Step 3: Easy Access in the Cloud

Once the form is completed, a PDF copy of the app is immediately emailed to the person in charge of room inspections.  The submission is also stored on the GoCanvas cloud. So anyone with administrative access can see all the submissions in real time.  All the wasted time filling out paper forms on a clipboard is gone.  Never again will they have to re-enter illegible hand written data into a computer.  With GoCanvas, everything is filled out and stored neatly. 

Ready to go Paperless?

Sign up for a free 30 Day Trial with GoCanvas and explore the Accommodation & Food Services section of the GoCanvas Application Store. Find helpful hospitality mobile forms, like our guest room inspection app.