Luxury Treatment Center Quits Paper Cold Turkey with Help of GoCanvas Apps on iPads

By kalliopi vlastos on September 12, 2012

canvas apps for rehab centers

A luxury rehabilitation facility situated in a private, tranquil setting just outside of Annapolis, MD has wheened itself off of paper with our simple three step program: 1. Get an app, 2. Download GoCanvas to your device, 3. Collect and submit your data! Thanks to GoCanvas Mobile Apps, people visiting the center now fill out and sign the Visitors Agreement on and iPad instead of wasteful paper.

The treatment center representative decided to jump right into the action and build his own app after watching some instructional videos in our Help center. With Canvas’s drag-and-drop platform, it’s easy to build apps from scratch or modify ones you’ve downloaded from the GoCanvas Application Store.

After laying out fields to capture Date and Time, the rehab center’s app builder used over a dozen static text fields for the visitor to sign off on. This text is intended to protect the patients’ confidentiality, as well as prevent the disclosure of information, and breech of agreement. The app then lays out the visitor rules and issues a badge number before prompting the visitor to type her full name, and sign (with the swipe of a finger) the screen confirming that she has read and agreed to the previously laid out terms and conditions. It’s all done seamlessly on an iPad with no trees injured in the process.

Employees of the rehab center no longer have to search through files of paper to find a visitor’s signed copy of the visitor’s agreement should a dispute arise.  The data is secured conveniently and safely on our cloud, accessible to any authorized user at any time.