Local UK Delivery Company Takes Proof of Delivery Mobile on a Budget with GoCanvas on Windows Mobile

By kalliopi vlastos on April 4, 2012

Canvas apps for delivery service

The company, which prides itself on being capable of delivering anything is no longer using any old paper forms. It’s now equipped with delivery confirmation software similar to delivery services many times its size. The difference is that the GoCanvas service is a fraction of the cost with no programming necessary!

The delivery company downloaded several apps from the Canvas  Application Store and modified them with Canvas’s drag-and-drop App Builder. These include a delivery confirmation app that captures basic information about the sender and recipient as well as the GPS coordinates of the delivery site that displays on a map.

The app utilizes one of Canvas’s advanced features, a list screen, to record the types of products delivered and their quantities. Instead of handing the recipient a clipboard, the driver now passes over his phone and stylus to be signed confirming the delivery. This receipt can then be emailed directly to the sender and recipient upon submission.

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