Learn How to Create Custom Dashboards with GoCanvas Business Insights

By keith bateman on August 31, 2016

Canvas Business Insights

Go Beyond Data Collection

Collecting and sharing data faster is only half the battle. Here at GoCanvas, we believe that the ability to analyze, learn, and make decisions based on your data in real-time is extremely critical. For this very reason, we offer GoCanvas Business Insights(formerly GoCanvas Connect).

GoCanvas Business Insights, or CBI for short, is an Excel based connector that allows subscribers to download, view, and manipulate your data all from a spreadsheet. You can use CBI to map columns of data to specific graphs or charts so that they display relevant information automatically. Our amazing Professional Services team is here to assist you in developing the reports and dashboards that fit your business needs so that you don’t have to!

Now that you know what GoCanvas Business Insights does, let’s look at the most common ways to use it:

  1. Safety Tracking – If you are using GoCanvas for safety reporting like JSAs, then you could easily set up a system to start tracking where accidents or violations are happening on your worksites. With GoCanvas Business Insights, you can have all your safety reporting information funnel to a pivot table that can be filtered by Region, Site ID, Employee Name, and more. These tables can be refreshed from wherever you are, and will allow you to track where the most accidents are occurring and what steps need to be taken to prevent future incidents.
  2. Retail Audits – Do you have teams completing worksheets at different locations that need to be compiled for weekly or monthly reporting? With CBI, you are able to take all the audits and compile them into dynamic tables. Now you will be able to see which locations are scoring the best and the worst without having to wait until the end of the month!
  3. Employee Timesheets – Looking for a better way to visualize or compile your weekly or monthly time reports? You can now feed all the data from your time sheet apps right into a spreadsheet, and have that data refresh a dashboard of formulas that will automatically calculate total hours for you. You could even filter cumulative hours worked by Worksite, State, or individual employee.
  4. Project Cost Tracking – Very commonly customers come to GoCanvas in order to better track what expenses are being spent on their various construction sites. With paper, reporting takes weeks if not months to get an accurate snapshot of actual costs versus projected costs. With GoCanvas Business Insights, customers can create dashboards that allow them to visualize on a graph their weekly costs across all worksites, and compare it to their pre-set budget. If they are exceeding budget, they can dig into the chart and analyze which projects are over and why.
  5. Inspections – Whether it be for the Construction, Field Service, Hospitality, or the Restaurant industry, getting comprehensive reports from inspections has always been time-consuming. Many companies are turning to “auto-reporting” like GoCanvas Business Insights to reduce the amount of time their office staff takes to compile weekly and monthly reports across regions. CBI gives these companies the ability to create “Scorecards” that will organize the data in a way that make analysis simple and easy. It will display items including passed, failed, total score, and more. This gives an accurate snapshot of which locations are currently failing inspections, which need improving, and those that are performing exceptionally.

If you would like to learn more about GoCanvas Business Insights or how custom dashboards can be built for you, give us a call at 866-242-9334 or click below!

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