Leading Solar Company Takes “Going Green” to Another Level – Deploys GoCanvas on BlackBerry

By James W Quigley on May 24, 2011

Astrum Solar Technician using GoCanvas on BlackBerry

Leading Solar Company Takes “Going Green” to Another Level – Deploys GoCanvas Mobile App Service on BlackBerry

Provider of Residential and Small Commercial Solar Panel Systems Skips Right Over Paper Forms and Deploys Mobile Apps Using Canvas

Reston, VA:  GoCanvas, announced today that Astrum Solar a multi-state installer of residential and small commercial solar panel systems, has deployed Canvas’s mobile business solution to their field staff on BlackBerry devices.    

Before deploying their own customized mobile apps on GoCanvas, this rapidly growing company had little real-time insight into what their installation teams were doing out in the field. Local operations managers were tracking daily activities of each crew; however there was no mechanism in place to collect each crew’s observations and disseminate it across the company so that others could see and act upon it.

Today, Astrum Solar uses GoCanvas to collect this job-specific data from their installation teams in the field. Each Install Team Lead carries a Blackberry equipped with their custom built mobile apps. This vital information is now sent back in real-time to appropriate individuals around the company so that everyone from accounting to marketing knows which installers are on which jobs and what can be done to enhance and streamline onsite productivity in the future. This visibility results in nearly instantaneous learning within the organization, as well as much improved record keeping.

GoCanvas was able to provide Astrum Solar with an easy to use, self-serve and affordable mobile business application platform with all the power of an expensive custom solution.  Using Canvas’s web based application design tool, Astrum Solar was able to create and modify its own unique mobile app. With the ability to generate new iterations of applications “on the fly”, Astrum Solar was able to make changes to work flow within the application and deploy the revised version of their app quickly and seamlessly.

Being a young, progressive and green company, Astrum Solar was unique in that they could start fresh with paperless processes. After rapid growth and the quick realization of the need for centralized data collection, they went straight to the implementation of digital mobile apps as a more efficient and affordable means for data collection.

“The biggest difference between GoCanvas and the other solutions we looked at was the ease of use of the form creator. We were able to figure out its easy drag and drop process within a matter of minutes and had built almost exactly what we wanted before we were even contacted by a GoCanvas representative””, stated Vadim Polikov, Ph.D.,  President of Astrum Solar, adding “With Canvas’s free trial program it allowed us to try out their service confirming it was the right solution for us.  It’s hard to put a dollar figure on the value GoCanvas provides, but I know we are getting a fantastic deal compared to paper records or nothing at all.”

 “Companies like Astrum Solar represent the next generation of businesses and how they consume technology.   They are building their company from the ground up with a focus on integrating those solutions that immediately improve their competitiveness and productivity at the same time they are demonstrating to their customers and the industry as a whole that they truly believe in the overall  benefits of going Green” added James Quigley CEO and Co-Founder of GoCanvas.

 About Canvas

GoCanvas makes it easy to publish data collection apps on smartphones and tablets as well as other devices such laptops, netbooks and bar code scanning devices. GoCanvas reduces paper consumption, redundant data entry, and excess processes for businesses and mobile professionals. The GoCanvas software service enables mobile professionals to collect information using their mobile devices, analyze that data on the GoCanvas website and share information across their business community. GoCanvas also offers the first mobile business application store of its kind allowing business users to find mobile applications that work on a wide variety of mobile devices, with every application being customizable by GoCanvas users. To date GoCanvas has automated over 100,000 manual processes/paper forms making it one of the fastest growing mobile app services for businesses.    To learn more visit www.GoCanvas.com.

 About Astrum Solar

Astrum Solar is a multi-state installer of residential and small commercial panel systems throughout the Eastern United States. Founded in 2007, Astrum Solar offers a premier customer experience by facilitating every aspect of a customer’s seamless transition to solar – from getting a real price estimate using the company’s online Solar Calculator and measuring the homeowner’s roof to filing for necessary permits and selling the homeowner’s Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECS). For more information, please visit www.astrumsolar.com.