Leading Provider of Tools / Equipment for Contractors & Municipalities Deploys GoCanvas Mobile Apps

By Joe Gatto on October 17, 2011

Tooling company deploys mobile business apps

This recent GoCanvas subscriber is a leading provider of tools, equipment and methodologies for the construction industry for contractors and municipalities. They are based out of the southern United States and cover a seven state region. This mid-sized company takes pride in providing leading edge technology across the construction industry with not only the best tools and methodologies for tackling specific construction jobs but in providing the best service for these tools and equipment. It is even possible to rent this high-end equipment should it only be needed on a short-term or temporary basis.

Prior to GoCanvas, this was a paper-intensive business environment. Invoices, work orders, rental forms, etc. were all completed using standard paper forms. Delays in receiving customer information, illegible handwriting and lost forms were all commonplace. Once introduced to GoCanvas and the obvious benefits of real-time data collection and data accuracy became apparent, they soon rolled out the GoCanvas service to their sales personnel carrying Android Samsung Galaxy Tablets. Today, they are using GoCanvas to replace paper Sales Orders and plan on deploying more Android Tablets to more sales reps and adding more mobile apps across all regions.