Leading Education Consultant Partners with GoCanvas to Transform Education, Safety and Healthcare Fo

By Michael Benedict on February 28, 2012

Leading Education Consultant Partners with GoCanvas to Transform Education, Safety and Healthcare Forms into Mobile Apps

Black Bee Mobile utilizes GoCanvas Solutions to automate paper-based Forms

PRESS RELEASE:  Canvas announced today it launched an Application Store for Black Bee Mobile, a consultancyBlack Bee Mobile Launches Mobile App Store specializing in education, safety, human resources and healthcare apps.  Samantha Voelkel, Black Bee Mobile’s founder, has over 20 years’ experience as an advisor, curriculum developer and consultant to multiple industries. She quickly realized the potential of mobile technology to perform so many of the tasks currently performed on paper, and partnered with GoCanvas to transform a diverse group of paper forms into apps that can be completed on any smartphone or tablet. 

“Canvas is helping professionals do their jobs much more efficiently” said Samantha, adding “with these mobile apps, we are realizing new opportunities for greater compliance and consistency in how data is tracked.”

Canvas’ mobile application platform enables businesses to find, create, deploy and share mobile business applications that significantly reduce the need for paper forms and redundant data entry. Canvas’ cloud-based solution allows businesses of any size to quickly and cost-effectively shift from paper-intensive processes to data collection apps on smartphones, tablets, bar code scanning devices and other mobile devices. GoCanvas goes further though by enabling mobile professionals to analyze and share data across their business community. In addition, GoCanvas has developed the first mobile business application store of its kind, allowing business users to find mobile applications that work on a wide variety of mobile devices, with every application being customizable by GoCanvas subscribers.

The Black Bee Mobile Application Store, which already has a substantial number of apps and is growing rapidly, covers items for educators like discreet trial data sheets, precision teaching timing charts and simple observation forms.  For healthcare providers and caretakers, there are vital sign flow sheets, wound care records and consent to treat forms.  Also included in their Application Store are a number of safety inspections for professional workplaces and manufacturing facilities.

 “Canvas is serving a fast-growing community of educators, safety inspectors and healthcare professionals as these industries realize the potential of using mobile devices to capture information and data. Our partnership with Black Bee Mobile and others provides these verticals with pre-built apps they can download and use immediately,” added James Quigley, CEO of GoCanvas. 

About Black Bee Mobile

Samantha Voelkel has spent over 20 years in education. She has had the pleasure of helping hundreds of children and adults in private and public settings, and feels conventional mainstream teaching methods leave too many students behind. She is passionate about learning and sets high goals for her students.  She is now taking learning to a global level with Black Bee Mobile.  Black Bee Mobile designs easy to use mobile apps and educational materials that can be used on a variety of Smartphones and mobile devices for Educators, Behaviorist, Health Care Professionals, Elder Care Providers, Therapists, Alternative Health Professionals and Safety Professionals. And the list keeps growing!

Black Bee Mobile is headquartered in Coarsegold, California. To learn more visit www.blackbeemobile.com.

 About GoCanvas

GoCanvas makes it easy to publish data collection apps on smartphones and tablets as well as other devices such as laptops, netbooks and barcode scanning devices. GoCanvas reduces paper consumption, redundant data entry, and excess processes for businesses and mobile professionals. The GoCanvas software service enables mobile professionals to collect information using their mobile devices and share that information across their business community. This information can even be integrated with backend software systems.   

GoCanvas also offers the first mobile business application store of its kind, allowing businesses from diverse industries to find mobile applications specific to their business that work on Android, Blackberry, Apple, and Windows mobile/desktop devices. Every GoCanvas application is customizable by the end user, and comes with GPS/location, image capture, barcode scanning, electronic signatures and accessibility to a customer’s own data like parts catalogs and patient records. For inspiration around business processes and forms you can automate with GoCanvas, check out these customizable Education mobile apps and form templates.