Large Machine Manufacturer Opts out of Paper in Favor of GoCanvas DIY Mobile Apps

By scott shea on July 17, 2013

Manufacturing Company Using Mobile Applications

A large machine manufacturer based out of Wisconsin has recently taken the plunge in to the world of GoCanvas.  Instead of telling the story from my perspective, lets here it right from the customer.  This is the main point of contact I have been working with at this company and has been using GoCanvas for a couple of months now:

As a manufacturer of large machinery we have a force of over 70 technicians and engineers who go onsite to repair or convert these machines for a new purpose.  To improve revenue flow and minimize administrative work, we wanted to create a process for our technicians to leave an invoice behind when they are done with the job – similar to a when the Maytag repair man visits your home, but considerably more complex.  We have been successfully using GoCanvas to dispatch calls, receive actual expense and labor data from our technicians, and most importantly, leave an invoice with the customer upon completion of the job.

As is stated in his synopsis, they have utilized some of Canvas’ more complex features, including Dispatch.  Dispatch allows someone from the office to log on to the website, partially complete a form and send it to anyone on the account.  When that user receives the dispatch on their mobile device they can open the app, see what is completed and fill out the rest of the form as necessary.  This is extremely helpful to keep workflow organized and minimize errors in the field.

Other tools such as calculations image capture have proven helpful for this company.  With the GoCanvas App Builder anyone, regardless of technical ability, can build an app that automatically creates calculations and summaries making invoice creation easy.

This manufacturer is also taking advantage of the platform flexibility GoCanvas offers.  GoCanvas runs on iOS,, Android, Blackberry and even has a version that can be used on a PC.

If you are interested in GoCanvas, please sign up for a free trial. You can browse our collection of Manufacturing mobile templates.