Kitchen Brains Partners with GoCanvas to Revolutionize Data Collection in Commercial Kitchens

By Michael Benedict on March 5, 2015

Kitchen Brains, the global leader in ERP solutions for the commercial kitchen/food service industry, has a client roster that is a who’s who of the restaurant industry. They help restaurants by enabling the kitchen to “think for itself.” Their product advises when to start and stop cooking, when to keep and dispose of food, and even how to optimize appliance utilization.

They capture, summarize, and provide all this data real-time to restaurant chains. That is a huge benefit if you have several hundred restaurants and want a global view of each one’s performance. However, a key dependency in providing these data summaries is getting consistent data in the first place.

All commercial kitchens have two things in common. One, there is an intensive amount of paperwork and two, they are typically staffed with younger workers, so experience significant turnover rates of well over 100% annually. That’s a problem if you need to consistently capture data on food quality. But how do you provide Millennials, who are addicted to their mobile devices, with an engaging way to capture data traditionally captured on pen & clipboard? Enter GoCanvas. 

Kitchen Brains saw an opportunity to mobilize one of the most basic, but critical tests done throughout the day in a kitchen – taking the temperature of cooked food and recording it on piece of paper. The drawback? Paper does not provide feedback if the food is under or overcooked. 

Kitchen Brains went hunting for mobile solutions and found GoCanvas. They were immediately drawn to both the fact that GoCanvas could not only mobilize all the paperwork in a kitchen, but they could build a GoCanvas app and deploy it in minutes.

Mario Ceste, CEO of Kitchen Brains, sat down one afternoon and developed a Restaurant Site Survey app in minutes. “I was amazed at how simple it was to build a custom app,” said Ceste.

Kitchen Brains does not just want to turn restaurant’s forms into apps – they want to create rich, real-time data collection for their clients. The GoCanvas apps help mobilize data collection and, because GoCanvas is built on an open API, all the data collected seamlessly flows into the Kitchen Brain’s software where it is stored in its portal. Clients can access real-time and historical data from anywhere anytime. This allows clients to see how each restaurant is performing. It’s the ultimate combination of big data mobilized real-time. And it’s the future of commercial kitchens everywhere.

This week at the National Food Equipment Manufacturers Association (NAFEM) Annual Show in Anaheim, Kitchen Brains launched the GoCanvas app and demonstrated how it connects to their larger kitchen software monitoring platform. Next steps? They will be launching a Kitchen Brains Application Store, providing a way to standardize data collection for all commercial kitchens in the U.S. Kitchen Brains will also be featuring this innovative application of GoCanvas during the National Restaurant Show in Chicago on May 16th to 19th.

Learn more about Kitchen Brains HERE. And don't forget to explore the GoCanvas Application Store to find other Accommodation & Food Services mobile templates to download