K9 Scrub Club of San Francisco Using iPads & GoCanvas Mobile App for Signature Capture and More!

By Jason Good on March 30, 2012

K9 Scrub Club logo

K9 Scub Club, a dog-washing business (But not your average dog-washing business!), has opted to use iPads and GoCanvas Mobile Apps for customers to place orders and enter their signature confirming agreement to their terms & conditions. I wish we could say that dogs are now using iPads and GoCanvas, but we are just not there yet!  I’m sure Apple is working on that as we speak (Or bark)!

We have a veterinarian using Canvas and a pet food distributor using it so it is really cool that we now have a dog-washing business using GoCanvas, too!  K9 Scrub Club, in the Noe Valley neighborhood of San Francisco, offers a wide range of services to its four-legged customers.  Their state-of-the-art bathing facility also provides a bakery counter for specialized dog treats and a shop for all of the gear today’s dog needs.  Dogs can choose (Of course they choose!) a variety of shampoos and get a soothing blueberry face scrub followed by treats and lots of love from K9 Scrub Club’s staff.

K9 Scrub Club - Bath Time! K9 Scrub Club - Bathing Facility

K9 Scrub Club also decided to skip paper altogether and use an iPad to capture information electronically instead.  They combined a waiver form with an order form to create a custom GoCanvas App that allows them to capture basic customer information (name, phone, email, etc.), order information (The services the customer wants), and a signature confirming agreement to their standard terms and conditions.  Their customers (The human ones!) are handed an iPad when they arrive and they can fill in the form quickly and sign it with their finger.  Paper and pens really are for the dogs (I couldn’t resist!) in this day and age!

Dogs really get pampered at this facility and can choose (I’m sure the dogs choose!) between various shampoos ( Like Wild Berry) and specialized face scrubs (Blueberry!).  They can be air-dried after their washing and are then offered a selection of organic doggy treats.  Owners can also fully outfit their dogs with specialized foods, bedding, leashes, and everything our canine friends need.

So if you’re in San Francisco and Fido needs a bath and a nail clipping, please visit K9 Scrub Club!

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