Just What the Doctor Ordered –MRI Imaging Center Captures Medical Info w/ GoCanvas Mobile Apps & iPa

By scott shea on May 3, 2012

MRI Worker and Mobile Apps with Canvas


An MRI Imaging center has made the switch from paper forms to mobile apps!  The Atlanta Georgia based company recently implemented GoCanvas to capture all their patient information on an iPad instead of filling out wasteful, redundant forms.

Everyone has been to a medical office and been given a clipboard to fill out all their information.  Imagine the amount of paper that is wasted from every single patient filling out those forms.  Well, this forward thinking company said, “No More!”  They uploaded the standard paper form they used to give patients before an MRI to GoCanvas and we converted that form to a mobile app during their free trial!  Once the app was created, they had eliminated paper forms all together in just a couple days!  All while being HIPPA compliant!

Now, when a patient comes in they are handed an iPad to fill out general information and past medical history.  They are also told which items are not allowed during an MRI and can sign the standard MRI waiver right on the iPad!   All the information collected is stored on secure GoCanvas servers.  No more file cabinets full of manila folders.

The company has enjoyed the product so much they are likely going to expand the use of GoCanvas to other departments within the office.  The medical industry is in dire need to go paperless.  GoCanvas has provided the solution!   Looking for medical apps for your organization:  Check out the health care section of our application store.

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