June is National Safety Month: 6 Mobile Forms Your Site Supervisor Needs

By keith bateman on June 7, 2017

Why Having a Proper Safety Program is Essential

Company safety is not a topic that should just be discussed every June. This is a topic that requires a consistent effort by both management as well as field employees to ensure that the threat of risk is reduced to its lowest level.

Construction Working on Site

National Safety Month reminds us all that we should be constantly reviewing the safety programs and processes that we have in place, as well as looking for ways that we can improve. 

OSHA reports that over 4,300 workers were killed in fatal worksite accidents in 2015, with the Construction industry accounting for 21.4% of that number.  This equates to just over 11 death per day in the U.S., most of which are preventable if the proper safety procedures and inspections take place to eliminate the “Fatal Four” risks.  The “Fatal Four”, so coined by OSHA because of their standing as the leading causes of worker death in the construction industry, make up over 64% of all deaths connected to the industry. The “Fatal Four” include falls, being struck by an object, electrocution, and employees caught-in/between structures/equipment.  If the proper steps are taken, like using mobile safety forms, eliminating the “Fatal Four” would save over 600 lives every year. 

But safety doesn't always come down to just life and death. According to the National Safety Council, a worker is hurt on the job EVERY 7 SECONDS! In 2014 alone, worker injury occurred at a rate of 12,900 per day, or the equivalent of 99 million lost days of production in just one year! 

Is Safety Having an Effect on Your Production?

Now that we see the high rate of injuries on work sites, it begs the question, do you know how many hours of productivity you lost last year due to your workers being out due to injury or illness?

According to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were over 902,000 total cases of employees missing from work due to illness or injury in 2015. You can only imagine a large amount of lost efficiency this equates to, but the good thing is that a majority of the injuries making up this chart are avoidable given the proper safety program is put into place. A high-quality safety program consists of one that allows employees to easily document, share, and report on information collected in the field. GoCanvas is perfect for mobile safety forms because it is completely custom and able to be tailored towards your industry. It also allows you to easily review and report upon the data that is being collected so that you can notice trends or lapses in your safety protocol before they turn into accidents. 

BLS Chart of Injuries

Improving Your Safety Program with These 6 Mobile Forms

In order to assist your business in modernizing its existing safety program, we have shared below our 6 most popular safety mobile forms. But this is just the beginning of what you can do. Our Application Store is filled with all types of pre-built mobile safety forms from different industries that can assist your business with building out a completely paperless data collection platform. These forms include 

Paper on Fire