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Job Card Apps – Examples & Templates

By The GoCanvas Team on May 25, 2021

What is a job card?

Job cards are used to record all of the pertinent information that workers need to know about a job or task to be performed as part of a work order. Many industries leverage job cards, including construction and contractors, manufacturing, engineering, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and other similar types of field service organizations. 

What should a job card include?

Job cards should include any of the necessary information that will be needed to complete the job assigned. Typically, this would include:

  • Client information and project-specific details
  • Scope of work and what is being done
  • Form fields to note the time, materials, stock, and total cost of work
  • Signature lines to be signed by worker and project manager or client
  • Relevant images and additional notes

All of the fields on a job card will be custom to the work being performed and the job at hand. While these have historically been managed using paper forms for job cards, more companies are switching to apps for job cards to digitize their workflows.

Why use an app for job cards?

Apps for job cards are gaining popularity with businesses because they can be completed via a mobile device or tablet from anywhere. Instantly having all of the information digitized is a time-saver for teams and businesses benefit from eliminating paper forms. Some of the main drawbacks of using paper forms include:

  • Incomplete or illegible data
  • Lost or misplaced documents
  • Inefficient workflows that require manual work

Mobile apps are designed to simplify the process for everyone involved. Job card apps can be customized to include all of the key details, form fields, and automatic calculations for time and material costs, digital signatures, and image capture for additional context. All of the information is created as a report or PDF and sent automatically to anyone that needs the information. 

Seamless process for job management

Beyond just the basic use case for a job card app, many companies also benefit from integrated job card apps with other business processes related to the job card app. App platforms today are designed to automate work and fit into many of the workflows that happen on a job site or out in the field. 

This means that apps for job cards can be one part of the entire process for job management. You may also want to design the app platform to have other components like quotes, contracts, work orders, dispatching systems, invoicing, and payment processing.

Modern app platforms like GoCanvas can enable your business to streamline how this work gets done, with a completely seamless process for handling all of these different components from start to finish. Using our no-code platform for apps, companies are able to digitize their operations and enable employees on job sites and in the field to easily enter data using their mobile devices.

These tools are designed to be simple, giving businesses of all sizes the ability to embrace digital technologies to save time, reduce risk, and create a competitive advantage for the business. Learn more about how it works by visiting our website, or you can get started for free using one of our job card templates listed in the next section.

Getting started with one of our templates, you will see how easy it is to build and customize apps for job cards and many other key business processes.

Job Card App Examples and Templates

Material and Labor Job Card Mobile App

The material and labor job card app is used to record all of the materials used for a project. The app also has a worksheet for recording all the labor work used for the same project. The material section covers both the acquired materials at the course of the project and the offcuts which were left out after the project.

material and labor job card example

Subcontractor Job Card Mobile App

This subcontractor job card app is used to collect all the relevant information required by the general contractor for an ongoing contract or job. This includes project requirements, the scope of work. estimated cost, estimated completion date, risk analysis, and more. Once the contractor requirements form is complete, the job card sheet is stored for your records and can be edited as needed. This makes it easy for general contractors to maintain current records for construction projects and all other jobs that require the help of subcontractor employees.

subcontractor job card app example

Engineering Job Card: Service Installation Mobile App

The engineering job card app enables the professional engineer to record excavation and reinstatement information. This mobile application can be modified to meet your customer expectations, including preventative maintenance and quality assurance.

engineering job card app example

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