International Manufacturing Company Eliminates Paper, Moves to GoCanvas Custom Mobile Apps

By scott shea on January 29, 2013

International Manufacturing Company Eliminates Paper, Moves to GoCanvas Custom Mobile Apps
A large, international manufacturing company has decided to remove paper from its business processes and replace it with GoCanvas mobile apps.  The decision came about because of all the wasted time and effort trying to organize and sort through mountains of paper work.  The company knew there was a better way, and GoCanvas proved to be the right solution.

This particular company is using GoCanvas for both indoor and outdoor inspections of their equipment.  First, they are using it for the outdoor inspection of the over 30 cranes that they have manufactured locally.  They have technicians go out to inspect the quality of the product on a scheduled basis.  In the past, the technicians would have their clipboard and pen to complete the inspection.  However, now they are equipped with an app they found in the GoCanvas Application Store.  They log in from their mobile device and fill in all the data they used to capture with pen and paper.  Once the inspection is complete, they upload the data to the GoCanvas cloud.  The inspections can be seen immediately from the GoCanvas website by anyone with administrative access.  The lag time from when the inspection was completed, to reviewing the form has now been eliminated.

The second use is similar, but stays closer to home.  The manufacturing company has decided to also implement GoCanvas throughout various checkpoints of the production line.  Again, all the information can be processed immediately so all adjustments can be made practically in real time.   With these applications, the technicians performing the inspection can quickly and thoroughly go through all the checkpoints and then sign right on the mobile device to verify completion.

Once the submissions are completed, they can be sent via email to anyone who needs to receive a copy.  They can also immediately be accessed on the GoCanvas cloud through the website.  All the submissions are neatly stored and sorted by the application and the most recent submissions for each application.  GoCanvas provides the data capture and storing capabilities any company needs to go paperless and be organized.

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