International Investment Firm Posts Gains on Client Information Acquisition with GoCanvas Mobile App

By Joe Gatto on December 9, 2011

Retirement Planning from iPad

This Retirement Planning division of a large international Financial Institution chose GoCanvas to assist their sales teams in managing client accounts and to track progress on new prospects.

This specific group of a well-known investment firm based out of the Mid-Atlantic focuses on serving the Small to Medium Business ipad mobile business apps(SMB) customer throughout the US proposing a variety of retirement products to offer their company employees. Prior to implementing  GoCanvas, this group operated much like many sales teams spanning numerous industries across the country with account managers and support personnel taking hand-written notes on clients visited, meeting attendees and products presented. Because this information was so sporadic and volatile the documentation of important information was left up to the individual collecting the data. Additionally, getting this information back in an accurate and timely fashion was challenging to say the least.

Enter GoCanvas. Today, this division of sales folks covering various regions around the US is armed with iPads running custom built GoCanvas mobile apps allowing them to capture key client information as it happens. This very specific data is then returned in real-time back to HQ helping to provide accurate forecasting and complete client updates. All apps were built by this GoCanvas subscriber in a matter of minutes using the GoCanvas SmartBuilder. Could your sales team use a lift? Check out this basic sales checklist app and see just how easy it is to take your sales team mobile!