Inspectors Using GoCanvas Mobile Apps on Android, Apple, and Blackberry Devices

By Jason Good on January 31, 2012

mobile apps for inspectors

One of the most common uses of GoCanvas Mobile Apps is for conducting inspections.  We have written before about inspectors using GoCanvas, but thought it deserved another look.  Inspectors of all sorts are flocking to GoCanvas in order to help them work faster and more efficiently.  Paperwork is one of the most daunting tasks for any inspector, but GoCanvas inspectors are able to capture their data and generate a report right from their device and email it to their customers or their office.  They are able to spend less time generating reports and more time doing inspections!

Canvas’s Application Store has a special category called “Inspections & Surveys” which contains hundreds of pre-built Apps for Inspectors.  You will find Apps for safety inspections, fire inspections, equipment inspections, security inspections, quality inspections and much more.  All of the Apps run on iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, Blackberry phones, and Windows Mobile devices (Versions 5-6.5).  This offers a lot of flexibility to businesses who have employees that already have a variety of devices.  It also allows a business a lot of options when looking for the device that best fits their needs. 

All of the Inspection Apps in Canvas’s Application Store can be customized completely right online using Canvas’s powerful App Builder.  Many of Canvas’s inspectors have customized their Apps or even built their own from scratch using the App Builder.  This allows them to tailor the App to their specific needs.  The App Builder allows you to rename fields, delete fields, add text fields, date fields, number fields, check boxes, drop-downs (value list), and much more.  Want to build your own Mobile App for your inspection work?  Learn how!

There are two GoCanvas features that inspectors really love…

  • Pictures – They can capture as many pictures as they want during their inspections.  In the world of inspections, a picture does indeed speak a thousand words!  In the App Builder it is easy to add the “Image Capture” field to your App.  When you get to that part of the form you just push the button on your screen to enable your camera.  The image is then inserted into that part of the form and shows up on your PDF report that can be emailed.
  • Signatures – GoCanvas inspectors can get their customer’s signature and their own signature right on their device.  Just whip out your finger and sign off on your inspection right then and there!  The signature is then inserted into the report.  You can easily add a signature to your App by using the “Signature” field.  Learn more!

Fire inspectors, home inspectors, building inspectors, and more are all using GoCanvas to make their inspections more thorough than ever while spending less time completing them.  That, my friends, is what we call a win-win!