Inspector Gadgets: Custom iPad Inspection Apps, Android Inspection Apps & Blackberry Inspection Apps

By andy adams on March 19, 2013

Inspector Gadgets: Custom iPad Inspection Apps, Android Inspection Apps & Blackberry Inspection Apps

In today’s fast pace, highly connected world businesses depend on timely flow of information in order to thrive.  With the adoption of smartphones and tablets into business practices, many companies have been looking for ways to go mobile in attempts to increase efficiency.  Though we designed GoCanvas to be a tool to meet any business need you can mold it to, one of the most frequent uses we see is inspections.

From safety to quality assurance inspections, many industries such as construction, retail, health, and fire have begun using GoCanvas on their mobile devices to capture vital data and share it, instantly.  This data is automatically sent back to the secure GoCanvas server where it is filed and indexed for viewing or retrieval, and can also be sent in an email to any address needed.   By increasing the speed at which this information flows, companies are insuring that safety, quality, and competitive issues are recorded, addressed, and corrected as quickly as possible.

In addition to increasing the speed of information, by turning forms into custom GoCanvas apps businesses are able to implement abilities not possible with paper forms.  GoCanvas features allow for things such as

  • Image Capture to photograph any issues or potential problems
  • GPS Capture to provide an exact location, useful on large construction sites where the issue may not have a fixed address
  • Conditional Screens which will only appear if given criteria is met (such as an item failing inspection)
  • Dynamically Adding Inspection Items as they are needed, ensuring the ability to conduct an inspection in the most efficient manner.
  • Scoring to provide a percentage or pass/fail score for the overall inspection (speak with a Mobile App Consultant for details)
  • And many more…

For your own custom GoCanvas App, sign up for a free trial, and send us your form.  You can also browse our Application Store for thousands of pre-built apps, all of which can be totally customized once added to your account!

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