Inspect More Rooms in Less Time: 6 Benefits From a Hotel Room Inspection App

By katie simpson on May 30, 2014

In 2012, the American Hotel and Lodging Association found that there were 4,900,642 guest rooms in the United States. While the abundance of accommodation means greater access and affordability, hotel managers and owners know that each room comes at a cost. Every room needs to be checked that it meets, safety, and cleanliness requirements. With the rise of online reviews, it takes only one bad review to hurt not only your brand, but also your occupancy rate.

But there’s a way to not only have more accurate and stronger hotel room inspections, but also make them faster. Mobile apps. Here are 6 benefits hotels are discovering with room inspection apps.

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1. More Accurate Inspections

Human error is rampant with paper inspections. Required fields are left blank, room numbers can become confused, and basic calculations can be full of errors too! Instead of giving your office helpful information, you have to spend time trying to find the missing pieces. Human error weakens the information you have on hotel rooms and undermines your ability to create a safe and relaxing environment.

Going paperless with mobile apps removes these issues. It’s easy to make fields required inside a mobile app. No employee will be able to submit their room inspection with those fields empty. Calculations can be done inside the app, ensuring your math is accurate each and every time. You can even have drop down menus so employees have a limited range of choices, ensuring that they give the type of answer you need.

2. Never Lose an Inspection Again

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Have you struggled with room inspections somehow vanishing? Paper inspections are easy to lose or damage.  They easily slip out between rooms, fall into a trashcan, or become damaged by a cup of coffee or cleaning supplies. Your inspectors have to then find the form, or fill out again, wasting time and money on this redundant effort.

Hotels aren’t the only ones struggling with paper forms: PWC found that 7.5% of documents are lost and 3.5% are misfiled, never to be found. It means over a tenth of business information is created but never used. That’s a significant loss of business potential.

Going mobile protects inspections both during collection and in retrieval of information. Whether with smartphones or tablets, losing inspections would require employees to lose entire devices in the middle of a hotel inspection, a little more difficult to misplace. With protective cases, your information is also safe from falling or liquid damage.

In addition, each and every inspection is safely stored in the cloud after completion. Once done, an inspection is sent immediately to the cloud. There, they are safe from wild coffee cups and gallons of bleach. So you’ll get 100% of your inspections every time. Plus, you can name each inspection by entries in the inspection, such as date and time or room number. Thus, retrieving room inspections will be easy too.

3. Faster Inspections

Filling out inspections on paper takes time. Handwritten notes, creating long descriptions of items in the room can make each room take longer. Paper processes means fewer inspections in a day, or requires more employees to spend time on room inspections instead of other areas of your business.

When you go mobile, inspections are shorter. Why?

  • Drop down value lists allow your employees to choose from a range of answers. Much faster than writing
  • One click photos give fast visual details of the inspection, instead of lengthy notes
  • Pre-populated fields with basic information, allowing employees to skip to more advance information

These are just some of the many features that help hotels do faster inspections. With less time needed for inspecting rooms, your employees can focus on other duties to help your hotel grow.

4. Evidence Your Inspections Actually Happened

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With paper forms, how do you know that someone actually visited the room? It’s easy to simply fill out a form and not even visit the room. Without inspecting the rooms yourself, you’d never know if an employee visited it or not. That can leave rooms potentially unchecked. One bad room can cause a bad review online, and drive potential customers away!

Going mobile, you can create multiple ways to validate that someone actually inspected the room they say they did. You can:

  • Include photos of the room, creating additional visual evidence
  • Include location with GPS with just one click.
  • Add automatic time and date stamps. These are determined by the time your employee opens up the inspection app and can’t be changed.

This way, you can not only track your employees work, but also ensure that you have evidence for your inspections, beyond a handwritten form. These easy add-ons also often make inspections shorter rather than longer. So you can keep your business safe and productive.

5. No More Data Entry Ever

Yep, you read that right. The hours you or an employee spends taking paper hotel inspections and putting them into your database are no longer a necessity. You don’t have to squint at illegible handwriting or wonder if that’s room 1107 or 1101. Even better? You could save thousands of dollars on administrative costs.

How does it work? All finished inspections go straight to the cloud. There you can access them as PDF documents. You can also export these documents as well, in csv or xml files. API services are also available for easy and instant integration with various programs from Salesforce to Quickbooks. Not only will you enjoy less work, but also more time to tackle more challenging and exciting projects.

6. Save a Ton of Trees

Switching to mobile apps benefits not only your business but also the environment. That also improves your brand. Photo credit: hern42 via photopin cc 

Going green is no longer a trendy innovation, it’s becoming a standard practice throughout private industry. PWC found that sustainability “creates value, attracts customers, retains employees and improves capital and funding.” No wonder Office Depot found in 2012 that 61% of small businesses were trying to go greener and 70% anticipated going green over the next two years.

As a hotel, there are various ways to help the environment. Perhaps you wash towels and linens less frequently. You may use efficient washer and dryers to cut down on your energy costs. Cutting down on your use of paper is a great way to also help the environment.

Paper production puts toxins in the air, consumes vast amounts of energy and water, fills up landfills, and leads to further deforestation. While it may not seem like a lot, your hotel room inspections add up to a lot of paper. If you have just 200 rooms in your hotel, you could be using upwards of 36,000 sheets of paper a year. Switching to mobile apps removes that environmental cost and provides an impressive number for your potential customers.

Want More Ways to Save Time and Money with Mobile Apps?

These are just some of the many benefits a mobile hotel room inspection can bring to your business. Discover the larger potential of mobile apps with our free eBook below, or browse our collection of Inspection and Survey mobile templates to find forms like the guest room inspection app. Also, don’t forget to explore the Accommodations section of the GoCanvas Application Store for even more mobile templates!