INFOGRAPHIC: Why Organizations Should Go Paperless

By Jason Peck on September 21, 2013

It is no surprise that more and more organizations are moving towards a paperless office and reaping the benefits. The really interesting thing is why they are doing this. 

Many organizations are realizing that paperwork is expensive. The costs of using paper for data collection can add up quickly, not to mention the costs involved with data entry and storage (those paper forms will pile up!).

Paperwork is also unreliable. Paper forms often come back crumpled, ripped, with coffee spilled on them, etc….or maybe they don't come back at all and end up in the back of the truck or worse, the trash.

We thought it'd be fun to put together this short infographic to convince you about why organizations should consider paperless office solutions. Besides the fact that paperwork is expensive and unreliable, we wanted to throw a few GoCanvas nuggets in here, too. 


Why Organizations Should Go Paperless


If you haven't considered making your office paperless and ditching the file cabinets, we hope this makes you think about it a little more. If you're interested in joining thousands of other organizations that have gone paperless to save money and time, boost their productivity , take their data collection to the next level and reduce their environmental footprint, get started for free today!