In Honor of Autism Awareness Month GoCanvas and Partner Launch Over 100 Mobile Autism Apps

By Michael Benedict on April 12, 2012

Autism Mobile Apps on Canvas

April is National Autism Awareness Month. According to a recent study by the CDC, autism prevalence is now 1 in every 88 children in America – much higher than was originally thought. Although a controversial number, it points to a growing need of educators and consultants to help those with autism.  Canvas and Black Bee Mobile have just launched a series of tools to modernize the way information and data is gathered when working with autistic students. To help teachers out, the Autism Application Store has a number of apps that assist you in organizing your classroom, from the Classroom Assistance Checklist and Pre & Elementary School Classroom Observations, to the Curriculum Planning Form, to name a few.

Black Bee Mobile has just launched a tremendous number of Precision Teaching Apps to help you measure students in a number of ways.  These apps include diverse evaluation categories such as Think/Write, See/Say, Think/Say and Hear/Write.  Each category has several types of tests, so you can try multiple approaches with your student. When you finish a test, the app creates a PDF that looks just like the classic Timing Chart.  The difference is instead of completing the Timing Chart with pencil and paper, you now simply fill out a field on your tablet or smartphone and GoCanvas takes care of the rest.

To all educators, consultants, parents, volunteers and support folks who work with autistic students, GoCanvas applauds you and the work you’re doing!