How Mobile Technology is Transforming the Oil and Gas Industry 

By Michael Benedict on October 6, 2015

Improving Oil and Gas Safety Using Mobile TechnologyMore than half a million Americans and about 3.5 million people worldwide are employed in the oil and gas industry — an industry that both fuels the world’s economy and is among the most dangerous. The unique safety challenges posed by oil and gas excavation, as well as the financial, environmental, and human consequences of incidents like April 2010’s Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion, have finally spurred greater interest in the adoption of mobile technology.

What’s more, the nature of this global industry and its scattered stakeholders begs for the streamlined communications solutions, real-time information access, and seamless information integration that mobile applications can offer. GoCanvas offers an entire section of the Application Store dedicated to the Oil & Gas industry, you can view them here. 

But just how quickly is the industry on-boarding apps and mobile devices at the worksite, and what types of technology are key decision-makers leaning toward? The latest numbers offer insight.

How Mobile Technology is Transforming the Oil and Gas Industry

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