Improve Your Data Collection With Scalable Solutions

By Jason Ganz on October 23, 2013

As a business, your data is a precious asset. From timesheets to safety inspections, it is crucial that businesses remain in total control of their data. Some small organizations can create a system through paper forms. As you grow, however, the amount of data and difficulty managing paperwork increases exponentially. Organizations need solutions to maintain their data and efficiency.








Mobile apps are great for organizations of all sizes. They can handle large amounts of data with ease. A great benefit for businesses is cloud storage: access your files wherever and whenever you want them. No more lost forms, illegible handwriting or file cabinets overflowing with paper.

Business mobile apps also give you the ability to export data into your own system. Export to PDF or CSV and use your data in any way you want. No longer spend hours painstakingly entering data into your databases. Perhaps the most powerful tool in the toolbox is the GoCanvas API. This allows businesses to seamlessly integrate GoCanvas into their backend system. By doing this, data collection becomes a breeze.

Making data collection a priority will give your business a leg up over the competition. Your business processes will become smoother as all the frustrations and failings of paper forms disappear. No longer lose time and money from lost forms or data entry. Focus on what matters most to your business – adding value for your customers.

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