The Faster and Easier Alternative for Jobsite Safety Checklists

By katie simpson on January 16, 2015

Keeping your job site safe is crucial for any work to get done. But, paper safety checklists drain your business of time, and leave gaps in your safety. Mobile apps allow you to use the smartphones and tablets to leave behind the pain points of paper, and do more than ever before.

Share the information in real time

Paper forms take hours or days for information to come back to your office. Your site manager may not come back to the main office for days or up to a week. That’s a delay in sharing information, and potentially fixing any safety issues.  

Worse, your employees spend time getting information. If someone needs to create a report on safety for a year or the quarter, they have to search for files. This takes time that could be used in ways to grow your business. 

Paper reporting makes sharing information a struggle. Going mobile removes this issue: all forms filled out on a mobile app are immediately available in the cloud. Receive information from the field in real time. 

Know your safety in real time, and fix issues in a quicker, more effective manner. 

You’re wasting time and getting bad information

Even after your safety checklists return from the field, employees must spend time typing up that information. Don’t think it costs you much? If you only spend an hour a day on data entry, that adds up to over 200 hours in a year. The average data entry clerk makes $14.00 an hour. In a year, that’s $2,800 you’re spending on redundant work.

More than time, data entry creates opportunities for errors. You may have heard about the 2012 NHS error where 20,000 men were pregnant in Britain. It wasn’t a fluke of nature, just bad data entry. 

While hilarious, data entry errors are common. But in job site safety, they can undermine your business and leave you at risk for being out of compliance.  

Going mobile eliminates data entry. All information is immediately available in the cloud, and can be emailed immediately to partners or your office. Want to integrate the information into other programs? A simple CSV export can make it easy to take your information from the cloud into a variety of programs. 

Paper allows for errors

Paper forms allow for a wide variety of mistakes. First, there’s the forms that just never come back at all. They get lost somewhere between the work site and your office. This can be a huge issue: one company found that missing work orders was costing them up to $10,000 a month

Not only do you have missing forms, but also unreadable text, missing fields, and bad information. How can you prove your job site was safe, if no one can read the form? 

Going mobile ensures you get more accurate information the first time. No more handwriting, just clear text. Easily add automatic time and date stamps to prove the inspection happened at the appropriate interval. Whatever is crucial for you to get back to the office, make a required field. One click ensures that these fields can’t be skipped. 

Human error is a part of life, but going mobile ensures fewer errors, and more accurate reports.


Using paper for your records costs you in time and money. Worse, it often causes more errors along the way. Going mobile not only allows you to share information in real time inside your business but also collect more accurate information than ever before.

Mobile job site safety checklists protect your employees, and your business.

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